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Starting Over

By wayneinreno ·
I currently have an HP with an ASUS board/ Celeron 850 MHz. 310 chipset. I just cannot put what I need on the board because I only have two available slots.I installed a Sound Card, and A nVIDIA Graphics card. Oh, I had to remove the NIC to put thenVIDIA CARD IN. (Crap).Plus the Celeron is just too darn slow in processing simple tasks. It takes forever to load a simple web page, like yahoo, or msn. When I go online I have to wait about 5 minutes on the average to get where I want.Reading email? Forget it. Two hours reading email.Ridiculous. I already tried upgrading my memory. (I have 384MB) Made no difference, so I figure the only way to get a system to work at decent a speed,is to start with a new one all together.I want to build the same style of desktop I have now with a midrange tower.I have most of the hardware I would need, but I don't know how to size them up, along with all the technical jargon that I don't understand. Like for instance, what cards will work with what boards. Need some suggestions PLEASE, before I take a hammer to this piece of crappola!

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Starting Over

by wayneinreno In reply to Starting Over

First of all I want to thank "TheChas" and every one else that helped me with this problem. I did as suggested,to a point. But, I was able to get one **** of a system off the ground by checking with the web sites listed in a couple of your answers. I now have an Intel board, with 1.8 GHz Pentium 4. 256 MB DDRSDRAM. I was able to keep the nVIDIA Graphics, and Sound Cards in tact. The only draw back was having to SPEND SPEND SPEND. But, you know as well as I, you get what you pay for, and this isreally true in the computer field.Thanks Guys. Have a great day.

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