steps after installing a windows server 2003 standard edition 5 cal

By haseenahydrose ·
what do i do after the installation of this server? do i indtall the updates? then do i manage the server as appliaciton server as our company needs to install an accounting do i add the users and manage the user names and all? do i make it a print server too....our company has at the most 20 employees with just this one server.....i've jsut started work as network engineer. somebody pl guide me as i gotta go to work tmrw and sort things out. today after installing the server, my lan showed limited or no connectivity....i gave in a random ip, but then it conflicted with my boss wat do i do to correct it? somebody pl help me quick

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woah...slow down

by Triathlete1981 In reply to steps after installing a ...

first check for updates b/c server 2003 has 2 service packs already. next, make sure you're installing the back-end accounting software in a folder shared according to who needs front-end access.

you should always configure a server with a static ip. just minimizes confusion and hassle.

add the users in active directory.

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by haseenahydrose In reply to woah...slow down

how do i know wat is a static ip address? i know i am blank, but i hav joined for a course tht starts next week....but i gotta do soemthin t work tmrw or i'm fired....thanks for ur help....really

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A static IP

by mdphoenix In reply to thanks

Is an IP address that is hard coded to the computer. It's manually entered and doesn't change - ever.

Right Click on "My Network Places" and select "Properties". Look for "Local Area Connection". Right click on that as well and again select "Properties".

A window will pop up with a small list in the middle of it. Look for "TCP/IP" Double-click it. You will see something to the effect of "Manually Assign an IP address" or, "DHCP". I can't remember exactly what it says.

Select "Manually assign" and input an address similar to what your current IP scheme is. Usually 192.168.1.x or 10.1.14.x. Don't forget your subnet mask and gateway. The subnet mask for LANs is generally unless you're subnetting. The gateway will be the address of your router, or whatever device is providing you with an Internet connection.

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by haseenahydrose In reply to A static IP

thanku so much.......i did tht today, but thn when my boss came in, his pc said tht his ip address was conflicting....and thn his network didnt work....he doesnt hav any knowledge of what did i do wrong and wat do i do next? cud i pl chat online n ask u a few doubts? if u don mind?

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