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Steve Irwin

By onbliss ·
It was little sad to hear the news that Steve Irwin died after being speared in the chest by a Sting Ray's barbed tail.

I am not a regular watcher of his TV shows and neither a fan of his, but I have been impressed with his energy and enthusiasm.

His fans sure would miss him.

He almost seemed immortal :-(

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Nuh JD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to not like that

He had backup in that pen so if he had of fallen which I might add he didn't there was backup in place to prevent anything bad happening.

While it's true that Pictures don't lie it's also true that some times they don't tell the entire truth either. If all you could see was that one 30 Second Sound Bite and where to use that to judge the guy attitude on you would be sadly mistaken. In the entire time of AU Zoo there has only been one accident where anyone was hurt and even that one was marked down to accidental happenings. No one was at fault and the person hurt is still working at AU Zoo.

I'm not defending the guy but I can also understand where he was coming from and at the feeding times here there is never just one person in the pen there are always several in there to protect the one feeding the animal and all have food to lure the animal away if necessary. To this point in time there has never been an incident at AU Zoo where anyone has been injured at Crock Feeding Time. One Snake Bite but never a Crock Bite.


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BIG Difference...

by MT Pilgrim In reply to not like that

Those of you who wish to compare the episode with Irwin holding his child should pay more attention to details. The "gloved wonder" held his child suspended several feet from the street level over a rail with no thought to having ANYONE close enough should things go awry. Irwin had staff and camera crew right next to him and there IS a difference. This is definitely an issue where people will only see and feel what they wish, and will not be "swayed" by any representation of the facts. I may not have agreed with all of his methodology, but his actions during his lifetime brought a keen awareness of animal wildlife to people around the world.

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all his other good actions

by jdclyde In reply to BIG Difference...

do not make up for the bad.

You want a difference? At least Jackson used BOTH HANDS.

The crew would have been on hand to save Steve from death had something gone wrong, but if he got knocked over and the baby got dropped, gulp,and gone. Your admiration for the man has you making excueses for him.

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That one act....

by JamesRL In reply to People do weird things... ...

That one act said so much.That and the fact he defended that act some time afterwards.

That act says alot about a person, and their judgement. I admired his ability with Crocs. But as you say, putting yourself at risk is one thing.

No one is perfect. Steve could have slipped on a wet patch of grass and gone down on his butt. If it was just him getting hurt, thats one thing. Taking a baby into a croc pen, thats nuts. Its reckless and pointless.


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I did not...

by onbliss In reply to That one act....

...see the interview where he defended himself. Well that incident had made an impact on you.

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James, I concur 100%

by X-MarCap In reply to That one act....

Scary ain't it...

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You might be suprised....

by JamesRL In reply to James, I concur 100%

I am a Canadian, and therefore, we have a different political context. I am a lifelong member of the conservative party, but primarily a fiscal conservative rather than a social conservative.

Will we disagree on foreign policy - inevitably yes. But if you looked at a spectrum of areas, you might find we might actually agree more than we disagree.


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Compare his incident to ourselves

by Tink! In reply to That one act....

Ok take this comparison:

Driving. One slip and it could end in disaster. We are all taught how grave the dangers of the road are when we first learn. And we are very nervous. But then after years of doing it, we become very comfortable with driving. It become natural. We start to do things that we really shouldn't like change the radio, talk on a cell phone, eat food, look for something in your bag or purse, etc etc.
And I'm sure the majority of people will admit to doing these things, even with their babies or young children in the car. (Add turning to look or yell at the kids to the list of don'ts that we do).
Has the potential of an accident lessened? NO. We simply have become so used to the act of driving that we are desensitized to the dangers. We do not think twice about having our children in the car, and doing the things that we are comfortable doing, even if it's something we really shouldn't be doing. It's the Comfort Zone.

Perhaps that comparison can put it into perspective for the less empathetic folks.

Tink :)

[FYI: I believe that empathy is more real than sympathy. Sympathy just means you feel bad for the person but don't really know what they feel. Empathy means you can actually place yourself in their shoes and see their POV or know what they feel]

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Still not convinced

by neilb@uk In reply to Compare his incident to o ...

From my perspective, you're trying to hard to defend the indefensible. The guy is dead and we just ought to let it go. Some of us didn't like the guy and that isn't a crime.

To address your analogy: I have kids in my car because it serves a purpose in that it allows me to transport them places. It's also worth noticing that I modify my driving when there are kids in the car - I slow down a bit.

Taking a one month old baby into the croc pen was a stunt that backfired on him. Given what it could have meant to any child of that age - absolutely nothing - we can only assume that he did it for his own reasons. At best that is a combination of arrogance and a misguided idea of the duties of a parent and at worst a total lack of judgement and a desire to boost his own career.

I have/had no empathy with Steve Irwin. To toast some of us for lack of empathy because we have none with a publicity-seeking idiot isn't really on.

Neil :)

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by JamesRL In reply to Compare his incident to o ...

Bad analogy.

While it is possible to live without a car, for most of us in western societies, its not likely we could all live without one.

We have our kids in the car because we need to.

In what way did Steve Irwin need to have his one month old baby with him when feeding crocs? The only need would be to generate publicity.

We all assume risks in life, and driving is one of them. Steve had every right to assume the risk of feeding hungry crocs for the entertainment of the masses for himself. But having a baby along - sorry, thats a risk without a need. Its ok to assume risks for one's self. But its another to ask someone incapable of assessing the risk to assume or share the risk.

Do not assume I'm not an empathetic or sympathetic individual. I am sorry for the families loss. Steve did manage to do a great deal for education and conservation. And yes I am well aware of the definitions.

But if I am honest with myself, I have to look at him in a different light given that one act (and his subsequent defense of the act).

I am just not empathetic in the case of baby at croc feeding time. For the record, I was not empathetic when Brittany Spears was caught twice driving with a baby in her lap and not in a car seat. Empathy does not mean we give up the wish for others to have common sense, especially when it comes to babies or children.


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