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Steve Irwin

By onbliss ·
It was little sad to hear the news that Steve Irwin died after being speared in the chest by a Sting Ray's barbed tail.

I am not a regular watcher of his TV shows and neither a fan of his, but I have been impressed with his energy and enthusiasm.

His fans sure would miss him.

He almost seemed immortal :-(

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i dunno....

by heml0ck In reply to That one act....

the family lives on a croc farm... Terri Irwin said it best I think:
"Which is more responsible: To introduce your children to the animals that live in your backyard, and give them experience with them, or in our case not do that and have them wander into the croc pen because they don't know any better?"

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It was a one month old baby

by neilb@uk In reply to i dunno....

Terri Irwin was quoted as saying "Bob enjoyed it".


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by maecuff In reply to It was a one month old ba ...

This is one amazing baby. My kids enjoyed (I think) filling up their diapers, sleeping and eating at one month of age. They really didn't have much of an opinion on crocodiles at that point.

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You can never start to train children too early

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exactly

1 month old babies here are taught to swim so that if something goes horribly wrong they don't drown.

Both of my children where taken for a Motor Cycle ride when they where only a few days old and where constantly taken for drives in Race Cars whenever they where at the track. No I'm not meaning Road Bikes either the racing ones where what they where always taken on and they just accepted the fact that they could only go near these things when I was around.

To this day I still have trouble believing what I saw my son do when he was about 3 years old a friend came up to visit and he parked his Motor Cycle in the back yard and my son climbed up over hot exhaust pipes & mufflers to sit on the seat well actually the tank so he could reach the handle bars and roll the throttle around. :)

The same child wouldn't go anywhere near one of the Race Bikes but would play all day with any Road Bike that he could get near.


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The people that excuse this are one for two things

by jdclyde In reply to Exactly

not parents, so they have no idea what they are talking about, or they are blinded by hero worship and making excuses.

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You can start too early

by JamesRL In reply to Exactly

We had all of our kids in the moms and tots swim programs at about 6 months. At six months they haven't figured out fear of water.

But we didn't have programs after that and with other ones on the way didnt' have time to keep it up.

As a result, we started all over again when they hit two/two and a half, and by theis time they were scared of water. And we had many friends who went through exactly the same experience.

Do you honestly think a one month old will retain anything about crocs?


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James we must have different systems

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Exactly

Over here there are schools for infants up wards and if they start off liking the water they don't grow to fear the water. I don't know if that is a Good or Bad thing but that's the way that it is.

With our long summers and swimming pools so common it's entirely different here but he majority of drownings are of toddlers who wonder off and fall into a creek dam and can't get out again and drown there are a few swimming pool drownings but with regulations that where introduced several years ago that has dropped off dramatically.

I personally found that with my children the fact that they grew up from the very beginning around racing vehicles made them wary of them they both knew that they where only allowed near then when I was around they wouldn't even go near one when their mother was around and on occasion I had to pick one of them up on a Road Bike from Kindergarten which confused the Hell out of some people with both of them bashing my back with their crash helmets to go faster. It built up very strong arm and grips on both of them. That maybe why both can swim so well though neither had the Killer Instinct that one of their swimming partners had when they where younger as both used to train with Kerrin Perkins and while they enjoyed being around him neither wanted to compete they just swam for fun which I found to be the best option. I've seen way too many competitive swimmers driven way too hard only to drop out before they reached their full potential. The Swimming Coach they we chose used to be driven nuts by both of the children as they could both swim well but neither wanted to compete like Kerrin they just enjoyed the experience.

I'm a firm believer in Water Proofing Children as here we have far too many possible places where they can get into trouble and die unnecessarily.

What you have to remember is that in Irwin's case the Crock Pens and all the rest are his back yard so I can understand his and his wifes beliefs and though I may not necessarily agree with them I'm not the one on the spot so I don't know what would be the best solution for my children if I lived in that situation. All I can say is that when my children where young they where exposed to what I had in my Back Yard and Garage and they both learnt a health respect for the things in there.

On the down side Both claim to own My Ducati they both think that I'm only storing it for them. The same thing goes for My WV Beetle as well.


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Who is looking atyour life?

by steve In reply to Exactly

I think the part that I find most frustrating is the effort on many of your parts to offer such decisive judgement on someone and something you know nothing about. Just how open is your life and are you really free from a lapse in judgement yourself if all of these readers were to get a peek behind your curtain? Do your financial decisions that you take for granted risk your entire families well being? Does your child's health and education always come first? Do you truly exercise the caution you should when you "need" to have your child in the car?

I would venture to say that if we spent less time examing what we "rule" to be idiotic or careless and more time evaluating our own worth as it relates to our capabilities, the result would be progress beyond our expectations. Are you being the best human being you can be or are you too pre-occupied with the fallibility of those around you?

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Throwing babies in the water

by Tink! In reply to Exactly

Hal's point about teaching kids to not be afraid of the water brought to mind something I've seen on the news: A certain type of swimming lesson where you actually throw/toss/place your baby/toddler into the water and let them instinctively react to the water. Of course the parents and the instructor are there. But I don't know if I could ever do this to my baby. Maybe it would have been better than teaching them when they get older (my 5 year old son is terrified to let go of me or the pool wall) But on the other hand, my 9 year old and 11 year old picked it up very quickly (a cpl of weeks).

It's a matter of opinion/personal comfort.

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Steve Hal and Tink

by JamesRL In reply to Exactly

Steve.....You make alot of presumptions here about me. I have a fairly well self examined life thank you. And since I have secret clearance, yes others have examined it as well.

And I would tell you this. If you or anyone else, sees me endanger my kids, you can and should call the appropriate authorities.

You can argue about the croc/baby situation till the cows come home. To me, and others obviously, what he did in that case was reckless. Thats not to say he didn't do many great things.

I admire William Jefferson Clinton's work on AIDs after he left the presidency. Instead of joining a bunch of corporate boards and raking it in, he decided to work on something less financially rewarding and more spiritually rewarding. Good for him. I hate the way he handled Rwanda.

Does one forgive the other - no. One may outweigh the other in my thinking, but its not as simple in my mind as one cancelling out the other - you can accept someone warts and all - and we all have a few "warts".

As for the baby swimming, my point was/is that newborns are comfortable in the water because thats where they came from. This comfort level continues on for months, but unless you can continue to expose them to the water environment, they will lose that comfort.

Thus the baby pool thing (they never threw them but they did allow them to free float) at 6 months was a nice activity for mother and child but did not contribute to the drownproofing later in life. We basically started over again at the age of 2. Perhaps if the program had spanned that gap from baby to toddler, we would not have started from zero.


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