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Stoned on e-mail

By deepsand ·
Stoned On E-mail

By , InternetWeek
May 4, 2005 (2:49 PM)
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Using e-mail and other messaging technologies excessively can lower your IQ as much as if you smoked some weed, according to recent research sponsored by Hewlett-Packard.
According to researchers at the University of London Institute of Psychiatry, there's a serious "Info-Mania" problem among British workers, who are so addicted to constantly checking e-mail and text messages during meetings, in the evening, and on weekends that their IQs fall by 10 points.

That's more than double the four-point plummet seen in studies done on the impact of smoking marijuana, the researchers said, and equal to the affect of missing a night of sleep.

"This is a very real and widespread phenomenon," said Dr. Glenn Wilson, a psychologist with the Institute, in a statement. "We've found that Info-Mania, if unchecked, will damage a worker's performance by reducing their mental sharpness."

An accompanying survey of 1,100 Britons commissioned by HP found that 62 percent were addicted to checking messages out of office hours and while on vacation. Half of them responded to an e-mail within an hour, and one in five said they were "happy" to interrupt a business meeting or social gathering to respond to an e-mail or telephone message.

The distractions not only dull workers' intelligence, but irk other workers, said the survey and the study. Nearly nine out of ten said that colleagues who answer e-mails, text, or phone messages in a face to face meeting are "extremely rude."

"We are in danger of being caught up in a 24 hour 'always on' society," said David Smith, of HP's U.K. division, in a statement. "This is more worrying when you consider the potential impairment on performance and concentration for workers, and the consequent impact on businesses.

HP's posted a guide to spotting Info-Maniacs, and putting a stop to the problem; it's in PDF format and can be downloaded from the U.K. web site of Hewlett-Packard.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Offended? are people tha ...

Got you there didn't I?

God I'm getting as bad as Mr Miami using all capitols I need help now.


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Suggested alt. targets.

by deepsand In reply to Offended? are people tha ...

You merely lucked out.

There are those here who, had they seen your post, would have been justifiably outraged.

It's not about being PC; it's about sensibilities.

We'll try to keep your gaff our little secret.

Suitable targets to be here held up to ridicule and scorn would be ippirate, MrMiami, & their ilk.

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Not much in the way of style and definitely no class.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Offended? are people tha ...

This your idea of humour? I would have thought White Plains, NY was a little far north to have any kind of a population of redneck crackers. Guess I was wrong about that. Guess bigotry knows no boundaries. 2005 and it's still rampant. Shame on you.


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I grew up in Brooklyn, NY..this is how we talked

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Not much in the way of st ...

and this kind of talk was a common and everyday thing with the teenagers in my "hood"

I'm not picking on anyone in particular or resorting to racial slurs, but the entire teen culture is turning into a bunch of illiterate ebonic speaking fools who talk just like what I posted before

if you find it offensive, then you are obviously blind as to what is going on with teenagers these days and the whole stupidity of the "gangsta" mentality

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So that's your excuse for perpetuating this filth??? You can take the .....

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Not much in the way of st ...

punk out of Brooklyn but it seems you can't take Brooklyn out of the punk. It's time you grew up and acquired a bit of style never mind class. Racism in any form is not humorous regardless of where you grew up. Your little corner of the world may talk that way but the rest doesn't. Where have you been hiding the past 30 years??? What rock did you slither out from under??? Your so called humor is in extremely bad taste. We all have prejudices in some form or another. I know that I have mine and have even voiced them on TR but not as tastlessly as you have.



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