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Stop Error Codes

I'm actually interested in who has experienced the wonderfull BSOD stop error code screens.

I did today while trying to repair a PC after having replaced a Mobo and CPU.

My specific Stop error related to the 0x0000007E flavour. It turns out that XP will quite happily load the intel processor driver (intelppm.sys) regardless of the fact that the system hardware has changed. A lot of hair pulling and research was required to find this out. So my fix was simple, if your swapping from an intel cpu to an AMD cpu then make sure you rename or remove the intelppm.sys file. Problem solved.

So, who else has had this?

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Windows Stop Error codes

by BrunZone81 In reply to Stop Error Codes

Here is a list of the windows stop codes and what they mean.

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STOP: 0x0000007E

by mmistri2077 In reply to Stop Error Codes

I'm not a tech but this is what he did on my computer via remote session.
Go to Start, My Computer, right click on My Computer, Properties, Advanced tab, click on Settings under performance, then Advanced tab, under virtual memory click on CHANGE, then where it says initial, change it to 3072 and 4096 under maximum. Now I have 80GB hard drive, so I don't know exactly what would the number be for yours but when you try to change it whatever the number you see, double it, at least that's what he did. He then Updated my Windows with critical updates from Microsoft website. Then he restarted my computer and no more Blue Screen of Death. I did walk away from the computer while he was fixing it for couple of minutes so I don't know if he did anything else on it. So give it a try, hope this helps.

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No, mine was different to your solution.

The STOP error codes usually have a block of four extra hex numbers after the first. And they're usually in brackets. I can't remember what they each represent now, I did find out then, but the first one (for me) after the 0x0000007E indicated a driver error for a piece of hardware. The really annoying thing was that I had to hunt around for what it was and each solution was different. When I came across a thread on another board where someone else had the same problem and that he had just renamed the intelppm.sys file (without knowing what it was) and it worked. I did some research further and found out that it was the intel processor driver for XP. Upon that realisation, I worked out that because I had just changed the the main guts of the computer from Intel CPU to AMD CPU that this would likely be the cause. I renamed the intel file and no more blue screen. Problem was too that it would keep restoring the file and so in the end I just deleted the file altogether and destroyed the system restore info so it wouldn't come back.

Seems that each STOP 0x0000007E error will have a different solution so it's good that you posted what happened with yours as this will help other people work out a solution.

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