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Stop this Vista Hype and Insanity! I'm still working on my W2K3 MCSE

By Why Me Worry? ·
Sheeeeeeesh! I don't see companies throwing out the baby with the bathwater and dumping their XP Pro workstations or Windows 2003 servers in favor of Vista. Vista is a repeat of what happened with Windows XP when it first came out. When XP was first released, companies were still running Windows 2000 Server on the back-end and Windows XP was simply a new version of a desktop operating system. Shortly thereafter, Windows 2003 was released, which if you look at it closely, is Windows XP Server Edition, just like back in the days of NT 4.0 Workstation and Server. It won't be until 2010 or later that Windows Vista Server is released, but with all the problems with Vista and the rediculous hardware requirements for it, how many companies will be itching to shell out another $1 Million dollars or so to upgrade all their server class hardware to run Windows Vista Server, which I am sure will require hardware on par with today's Windows 2003 DataCenter Edition? This is simply getting nuts and the operating system is getting more bloated and bloated with every new release. I'm not advocating any single O/S over another, but anyone who rushed to buy Vista and is now terribly dissapointed, should have kept the money in their wallet and waited for at least SP1 to be released. I certainly will not be upgrading to Vista anytime soon so long as XP is prominent and supported. Also, many idiotic IT recruiters are already asking for Vista experience, when the product was just released and not everyone had a copy of the Beta to play with. Sheeeeeesh!

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Took me 3 shots to pass 70-2**. It is a hard test and 3 hours long.

by Why Me Worry? In reply to 291

I'm planning on taking the 70-299 exam this coming Saturday. Shouldn't be as long as 70-2**, but not any easier with all that Root CA, GPO, and security stuff.

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Passed the 70-2** first time...

by cousintroy In reply to Took me 3 shots to pass 7 ...

but by the skin of my teeth to be honest. I passed with a 700 exactly. A lot of WSUS, DNS, and had five labs.

Working on the 70-284 right now.

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294 is much more difficult that 2**

by lverbouw In reply to Passed the 70-291 first t ...

I got my MCSE + Messaging + Security this year. 294 was much harder than 2** in my opinion.

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As IT pro's

by w2ktechman In reply to Stop this Vista Hype and ...

we need to keep up on current technology, Period...

Windows Vista WILL be deployed in many companies, it is not a matter of IF, but more of a WHEN.
Many people need to study and learn Vista to do their jobs. Many others just want to know more before making the change. If you dont want to read about Vista, THEN DON'T!
most of the threads on Vista are marked with VISTA in the subject line. avoid these and stop complaining.
If it makes you feel better, you can search for XP instead.

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Vista Hype and Insanity

by CodeBubba In reply to Stop this Vista Hype and ...

I concur. I played with Vista on a spare machine down at the office for awhile. It's OK - but it really does not appear to be an upgrade to XP as yet. 98 to 2K (or XP) was a major leap - I don't see Vista as being that major. I own 4 machines of my own all with purchased licenses of XP. I see no reason to retool, none at all.

-CB :)

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Vista Stinks OK!!

by jeanann.kerr In reply to Stop this Vista Hype and ...

I couldn't agree with you more, Microsoft needs someone to kick its arse! They have been ripping people off for years!!

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Well maybe but....

by FXEF In reply to Vista Stinks OK!!

I hate you tell you this, but Microsoft did not hold a gun to your head and force you to buy it's products. Microsoft did not rip you off, you ripped yourself off. There are other choices, for instance GNU/Linux. Most likely you'll be first in line holding your nose buying Vista!

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Vista first in line - never

by jeanann.kerr In reply to Well maybe but....

I have been considering changing to linux but I have only just 'upgraded' to xp after holding on to 98 for so long - I only changed to 98 when nothing would work properly with 95! And I don't like xp!!

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by Dumbterminal In reply to Vista Stinks OK!!

I'm not going to change the world....

"Windows Vista is like.... icky or somethin, ya know?" "Ewwww."

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