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    storage filling up over time

    by ajspencer03 ·


    so I recently noticed my storage was filling up rapidly over time. for example I was on my computer last night and I noticed my storage was a bit low so I started clearing some files that were leftover from some games I used to play, in the end i had 38gb and then I went to sleep and woke up, got on my computer and surprisingly I had only 25gb left. not sure how it happened but it did so basically I want to know how to find the cause of this and get rid of it. Thanks in advance.

    pc details – Windows 10, HP EliteBook 8460p,

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      There might be bad sectors, try this

      by abby1991 ·

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      One of the main reasons for this issue could be bad sectors in your hard disk drive which, if cannot be taken care of, may lead to a data loss situation. It can also come up with Data corruption or Hard disk failure, and the final result is the same i.e.; data loss.

      One of the major cause of bad sectors in a hard drive is due to loss of magnetism, which occurs due to usage and time. If bad sectors are due to, loss of magnetization, then the damage to data is irreversible. If the problem is due to minor parity, then it is easy to fix a bad sector in hard drive. Below are some more causes of bad sectors:

      1. Address Mark Corruption
      2. Data Corruption
      3. ECC Field Corruption
      4. Overheating
      5. Over-aging
      6. Virus/Malware Attacks
      7. Dust

      Below are the steps you can try to fix the bad sectors on a hard drive:

      Option 1: Manual Method for Windows 10/8 Users

      1. Selection of the Search option.
      2. In the Search field, type This PC >> click This PC.
      3. Select the drive you want to repair >> Right-click the drive >> click Properties.
      4. Allows you to Select the Tools tab.
      5. Under Error checking section, click Check.
      6. Allows you to Review the scan results.
      7. Click Scan and Repair drive option.
      8. Allows you to Schedule when to repair the file system.
      9. Let Windows to Scan and Repair the Hard Drive Sectors.

      Option 2: Manual Method for Windows 7 Users

      1. Close all running Programs and File.
      2. Go to Start >> Computer.
      3. Select the Hard Drive you want to check for Bad Sectors.
      4. Under Properties >> select Tools.
      5. Under Error-checking section, click Check now.
      6. Checkmark the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors option.
      7. Click Start.
      8. Indicates Windows attempts to fix errors.
      9. Review the Check Disk Report.

      Hope it will help.

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