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By Jaqui ·
from this:

I see just reading the description, that they definately need to update the products.
red hat 7.2?
that is like 6 years old.
that means apache 1.2x nowhere near current with apache 1.3x and 2.x

this product is definately so outdated that it's not worth the cost of a blank cdrom.

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You had an advanced one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Question is

It had a cassette.

I remember the Dream which only showed a zeroed of LED lights and you had to work out if it was actually the correct answer. That used a punch paper tape to program but even that was advanced for its time. It was sought of small well it did fit on a desk admittedly there was not much room left over but it did fit on a desk.

While I personally didn't have to work with punch cards today I would kill to have a play with one of those old machines all those tubes and gold connectors no units that had to be bolted to the floor to keep then in place and not take off across the room taking out anyone or thing in its way and then costing several K to repair when it broke. and that was just a small drive by todays standards but at the time it was considered as huge and you could also change the platters so you had more storage space on the same drive unit.

Or those horrible open reel tapes that used to run at about 100 MPH and when they broke left a pile of un spooled tape lying in the bottom of the cabinet which just had to fall out when you opened the door. Today things are positively easy in comparison and while the hardware is far more reliable unfortunately the software just has not progressed at the same rate.

You are however totally correct most people here would not have a clue what we are caring on about and really wouldn't want to know.

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to You had an advanced one

I actually miss playing around on an old hp desktop system that used a card reader..
with a display of one line of 8 characters ( lcd )
then to make it even better, heat jet printer!!
yup good old fashioned thermal printer just like apple used to make.

it only weighed about 300 lbs, and was all one unit.

we wrote a tank battle game for it.
picture having to mark punch cards to enter your moves in a game.

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I had forgotten about those HP's

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You had an advanced one

That must have been fun to do!

I went straight from Mainframes to the PC built by IBM it was a forced move and one that I really didn't want to make. Apparently it was considered as a "GOOD" thing that we could move from one platform to another without a problem.

Going from Unix to DOS was a real nightmare and something never to be taken with a faint heart but an accountant thought it would be a good idea. SO instead of knowing one system inside out we knew very little about both. The number of times that I typed in a Unix command in DOS was unbelievable and the blank look on my face when it came up with the inevitable "Command not recognized" was typical. God I still hate DOS with a vengeance but for some reason I never tried using DOS commands in a Unix command line.

Col ]:)

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with linux,

by Jaqui In reply to You had an advanced one

maybe also possible with unix itself.
install mtools and prepend a dos command with m then you can use dos in linux.

not that there is any need for it, as the *x tools are so much more capable.

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What a waste of resources

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You had an advanced one

To install MS Tools on a Unix platform just so you could use DOS commands.

The only people who would be interested in that type of thing are those who have only known DOS and Windblows as a way into Unix. But who would really want those poor tools anyway?

Col ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to You had an advanced one

oh yeah, mtools is a waste of resources.
but it's intended for exactly that, to ease the transition from home os user to professional os user.
so they have something familiar to work with.
they were also released before xfree was, you know, back when linux was console only.

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Unix vs DOS

by jdclyde In reply to You had an advanced one

I STILL type "command prompt" (lol) commands in Unix.

It got so bad I just aliased ls -al to dir.

That was easier than trying to break myself of it.

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