Strange Boot up Problem

By daveyboy82 ·
Hi guys,

My friend asked me 2 look at his computer, its got a strange problem. When booting the screen will go blank. I've tried safe mode, it loads all the drivers just fine then the screen just goes black and the restart button on the front of the comp doesnt work, nor does the power button so i haf 2 pull out the power cable.

I've replaced the power supply with a working 1. I tested the memory with memtest, and used the seagate diagnostic util to test the hard drive, both came up fine. Gfx card is okay. I've rest the CMOS.

When i did open it up it was caked in dust! A layer of it on the cpu heatsink. I managed 2 get most of it off. CPU temp seems normal.

Any suggestions? Hardware or software prob?

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by daveyboy82 In reply to bad video card

Okay im comin up trumps here. I've replaced the gfx card with a good working one, and i replaced the CMOS battery with one that is working also, and i get the same result.

What happens is it loads fine, then at the bottom i see that white progress bar u know that preceeds the windows logo. Then just after that the screen loses signal ("no signal") and the green power light on the front of the tower turns off.

What the heck hey like im just stumped here, i need sum suggestions pleez!

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Well you could try and swap your processor out and put it in another motherboard of which if it is ok then you would know that it was the motherboard. If the samething happens in another motherboard then you would know it will be the processor of which by now i am certain it would be going from your log (post).
I hope this helps you. Any more problems please post back.

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