strange bug/virus/spyware problem relating to thumbnail view

By shinobidj ·
i am currently running windows xp sp2. on my computer, i have a particular folder where i keep all my personal files such as movies, mp3s, pictures, etc. a couple days ago, i noticed that whenever i opened this folder, my computer started to slow down, and eventually my explorer.exe crashed. so i kept my processes tab open and opened this folder, and my explorer.exe process would immediately shoot to 50% cpu usage, and after sometime, 99%, and explorer.exe would crash and i would have to start over. but when i would turn the view from this folder to tiles, this error would not occur. i backed up my personal files and reformatted my computer and moved them back over, and this error is still occuring. this is becoming very troublesome and i would like to eliminate the problem in case it is part of something bigger. many thanks in advance.

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by Ffoeg In reply to strange bug/virus/spyware ...

Set your system up to show hidden files and folders and then delete the thumbs.db file. Close and re-open the folder then switch to thumbnail view.

If you have an absurd about of files there, like over 500 then don't expect thumbnail view to ever work as there just isn't enough memory to hold them all. Sounds like that's your problem. If that's the case, split them up by filetype and then by categories if there are still too many.

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System needed

by d.s.williams In reply to RE:

Definitely doesn't sound like a good idea to put them all together in one folder, that could get VERY big! I'd suggest some kind of system, either by category or date. For example, for my digital camer images I have created a stand-along folder on the second partition, and that is then broken down by camera and by date:


for example. In the folder for a specific date I hate the image files as copied from the camera. If I then shrink them to web/e-mail size I put them in a subfolder by usign Photoshop to create a web gallery, e.g.:


which then has an index.htm and 3 subfolders.

If, on the other hand, I recorded videos, I put them in their own subdirectory:


OK, that may be a bit OTT and I'm not sure myself if it's helpful to break the system down by camera, as I do find I sometimes wonder which camera a certain picture I'm looking for was taken with, and this problem is likely to worsen as time goes by and the images date back further and the number of cameras I own or once owned increases, but the system works for me (so far).

By the way, in case you're wondering about whether it's possible to find pictures only by date, there are various apps around for editing the EXIF data etc. so that images can be searched for by keyword even if the folder name gives nothing away about its content. Vista has certainly made browsing through a number of folders more tedious than it used to be, when I could simply go down a list of folders (i.e. through a month) using the arrow keys.

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Most likely

by SKDTech In reply to strange bug/virus/spyware ...

the system slow down is being created when the system is canning the files to create the thumbnails. as previously suggested your best option would be to reorganize your files into smaller subdirectories.

I can't suggest more without knowing some basic System Specs like CPU speed and RAM.

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