Strange problem

By wesley.chin ·
When booting up, it loads correctly. But when trying to access the internet via IE7, it shuts down. this occurs with each access attempt. The OS is XP Pro. What is wrong and/or how to fix it?

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by formerly In reply to Strange problem


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by wesley.chin In reply to MESSAGE DELETED

I thought about what you suggested, but did not mention it cause the user is not very PC-literate.

Do you know what might have caused that kind of behavior?

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Check for viruses

by muiezahmed In reply to Strange problem

I think there must be some virus attck scan for viruses and re install IE7, try to do with AVG Antivirus

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or add ons

by tintoman In reply to Check for viruses

Right click internet explorer icon select properties.
click advanced tab, and reset internet explorer to default settings
this will disable all the add ons
try to connect again

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RE: Strange Problem

by compuwysepc In reply to Strange problem

Opening IE7 causing a system crash could be an indication of a malware infection. Scan for spyware and viruses. If you can't find any try downloading and reinstalling IE7 from Microsoft Download Center. You can also try Dial-a-Fix, it is available as a free download, and fixes a number of problems with Windows Services, IE included.

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by wesley.chin In reply to RE: Strange Problem

The machine was infected by rootkits at one time. Not sure if it is still there. The rootkits were hackertool.rootkit and w32.gammima.AG. At the time, I had tried to get rid of it, not sure if it was successful. I did not hear complaints about it and left it at that.

I had scanned with S&D, Defender, Adaware, Super Antispyware and a couple of others. Suggestions?

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Removing does not necessarily repair......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Hm

Just because the rootkits were removed, IF they were removed, does not mean the damage caused by them has been repaired. Obviously, you still need to fix the damages to IE and perhaps Windows itself. I believe Detect and Repair has already been mentioned once or twice.

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rootkit removal

by wesley.chin In reply to Removing does not necessa ...

I learned that the rootkits mentioned are still resident on the computer, since Symantec Antivirus detected them. Other than the software that I have mentioned before, is there other software to try?

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Rootkit remover

by ozi Eagle In reply to rootkit removal


AVG has a free rootkit removal tool.


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by jdclyde In reply to Strange problem

load a malware scanner. You might need to download it from another pc, and then copy it over using a flash drive.

Boot to safemode and then do a complete scan.

If it finds anything, remove anything it finds.

Reboot and repeat until it doesn't find anything more.

Oh yeah, turn off system restore before you ever try to remove a virus or malware infection.

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