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Strange use of Video Processors

By Bryan James ·
This is going to be a very bizzare question I know, but is it possible to use various cards (i.e. video cards, sound cards, etc) on board processors for actual process cycles.

Here is why I ask. I have an older machine that was my primary gamingPC a few years back that I have turned into a Server. The processor is weak for some of the applications I would like to run on it, but I don't need the higher end graphics in the system anymore. Therefore, I would like to somehow have my CPU sendsome requests to the video processor.

Is this possible or am I missing something?

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I don't think so

by yhoosucksrocks In reply to Strange use of Video Proc ...

There are indeed more than just the CPU in a PC, however the other processors do not speak the same language so it would be impracticle for the video processor to handls CPU tasks.

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by PKA In reply to Strange use of Video Proc ...

This idea is certainly feasable, but is it really desirable? As cheap as good used dual processor servers are right now I can't think of a better waste of time.

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Because It's there

by Bryan James In reply to Why

I've come to realize this is probably not going to give me any great boost in preformance. Now it has become a project much like linux was, to see if I can do it. It's like taking something apart to see if it can run. I want to know how difficultit would be.

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More Research needed

by Bryan James In reply to Strange use of Video Proc ...

I've come to the conclusion that I need to do more research into the graphics card, the motherboard and the processors that I'm trying to do this with. I will post any findings I make on this board and probably start a new board as well. I just didn't want to let this thread die without and explination of why I wasn't posting :)

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