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Stroke it, Caress it, Worship it.

By PlipO ·
When I first heard of the Iphone; I was pessimistic of it's potential success and application. I expected it to appeal in the most to Apple devotes and people who just want the latest gadget.
I did not consider the sophisticated marketing machine which Apple can unleash at a moments notice and without a doubt the seductive features that the Iphone posses.

I do not have an Iphone but I want one, I have no piratical use for it at present because I already have a phone and I have a Windows Mobile PDA. Granted Windows Mobile cannot be labelled as reliable, robust, efficient or even user friendly but if you are a gluten for punishment as I am; you can get it to work with minimal frustration about 25% of the time.
Sure the Iphone does not have access to a huge catalogue of varied applications as Windows Mobile devices do but it does have a team of people behind it who appear to be much more focused on giving users a satisfying and intuitive experience rather beating you down until you are willing to be greatful to get even 30 minutes of uninterrupted use from expensive toy.

The Iphone has one huge and unrivalled selling point which no manufacturer has come close to addressing let alone attempting to compete against it.
This alluring pocket pc, which is first and foremost because it is primarily a computer which has the features of a cell phone.
This ultra mobile computer has fetish appeal, yes few people will admit that more than having the opportunity to brag they have an Iphone; they relish the pleasure of caressing and interacting with such a charismatic gadget.

This gem from apple has bought more glamour and fascination into the Apple world than any other product and the bewitchery is not fleeting.
I fully expect Apple to exploit the beguiling appeal of the Iphone and make it a gateway to their more expensive and aspirational cast of electronic starts.
It is not a far fetched notion to theorise that the Iphone in the near future, can be the hub of the consumer technology experience.
We all like to have access to many different electronic and computing devices in our homes but a lot of us would like just one device that can control everything. Apple's dazzling gem has a realistic chance of do this and more.

With the release of the SDK and people's willingness to embrace any offerings from this not visionary but certainly savvy company; they have a clear and unchallenged path to establishing the Iphone as the first choice device for managing the ever growing mountain of technology we are so fond of accumulating.

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Why you don't want a gluten-free piratical use iPhone

by Dr Dij In reply to Stroke it, Caress it, Wor ...

pretty neat article. explains that while none of the iphone's interface is new, they are the only ones to put it all together, but that it is still pretty useless until they do the same things on a PC (Mac) with bigger screen:

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