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Stunped on Dead Computer Problem!

By neetnut ·
Not long ago I went to turn on my computer and received nothing but an error on my monitor saying something about "No Sync in Horizontal Freq. No Sync in Vertical Freq." I tried hooking up another monitor and recieved the same error message. So I preceded to change Video Card, same problem, then changed Motherboard, with its own video adapater. Same problem still. Installed new memory and now new AMD Duron CPU. Still same problem. Have even changed the power supply unit. Since the computer is all new on the inside, I am stil having the same problem, and now I am stumped. Please Help!!
I am running Windows ME, have a AMD Duron 1300ghz cpu, WD 120gig hard drive with 512 MB Ram. Thank You for any help.

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by donmars In reply to Stunped on Dead Computer ...

It seems the only thing common to all the changes is the Hard Drive. Try a virus scan using certified virus free floppy based scanner.

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by rovoco In reply to Stunped on Dead Computer ...

Dear Stumped,

I agree with the guy in Answer 7. Before you take
the PC to a service center, try this: If you have
an emergency startup disk, or even DOS 6.22 on
floppies, set up the PC with only the floppy drive
and video installed. Reset the CMOS, insert the
floppy disk and power up. Immediatly go into BIOS
setup and select the default settings, exit and save. If the system boots from the floppy without
any error messages on your monitor, then your hard drive could be the culprit. You could have a boot sector virus, or the FAT table is messed up triggering the error message. If you have to take the PC in for service have them install a known
good hard drive first. Good luck!

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