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Submitted for your Hysterical Enjoyment

By BFilmFan ·
Humbly submitted as the Tuesday Yuk of the day:

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by jdclyde In reply to Outrageous Behavior in a ...

me go cry, :_| while huddled in a fetal position. all dreams shattered with one post. sniff sniff.

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Wow, that was fast!!!

by DMambo In reply to I'M LEAVING TR! THANKS M ...

You're welcome, everyone!!!

You know I'm just kidding, right JD?
(Man, I'm such a wuss, apologizing for that.)

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you may be a wuss,

by ITgirli In reply to Wow, that was fast!!!

but at least you're not swill!

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by gadgetgirl In reply to I'M LEAVING TR! THANKS M ...

Mummy make it all better; you just dry your eyes my darling, Mummy sort it all out, ~pat, pat~ never mind sweetheart ~hug hug~ that nasty man won't get at you again ~kiss, pat, hug~

he's too much of a wuss!

Oh this is far too much fun, I really must go home now....



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by ITgirli In reply to I'M LEAVING TR! THANKS M ...

If only it was that easy to get rid of annoying members, but sadly most are still here. Not to say that you are annoying, jd, well no more than most (j/k). heh heh heh.

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Laughing WITH me

by jdclyde In reply to BWAHHHAHAAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!


Oh, I got your number girli. Indeed I do.

Although I have been feeling left out because you don't call me all the bad things you call everyone else? You treat people badly to show you care, right? ;\

Starting your outline for your book yet?

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outline and such.

by ITgirli In reply to Laughing WITH me

I have a bit of an outline and general notes, but as far as getting life experiences to put into it, I am behind. I was thinking of going on some of the sites they have out to get some subjects to work with.

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Far Too Kind Sir

by BFilmFan In reply to Outrageous Behavior in a ...

You are far too generous in your compliments sir!

I am just speak my mind in the forums and have learned over many years that life is far too short and often ends far too quick to go around angry all the time.

I'd prefer to chase the femme fatale geekettes, but they are all a lot younger than me and can run faster, so I am left sitting on the porch thinking deep thoughts and wondering what the devil my blue tick hound is dreaming about when he is wiggling his feet and moaning while asleep. Probably some kinky dream about a pair of French poodles or something.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to Submitted for your Hyster ...

His questions are so cookbook-ish. The guy's name is Muhammad something. Maybe he's sending coded messages to his terrorist allies asking for instructions on how to do some sort of jihad thing.

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by ITgirli In reply to

maybe he's in training to become one of Dell's outsource customer help centers. He knows about as much as they do.

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