Sudden limited connectivity problem

By chocolatejello ·
I was wondering if anyone could help me with this problem i just got.
I have 3 computers ( 2 laptops and one desktop) connected to my DSL conection through a linksys router(not wireless)

This connection has been running fine for the past 2 years. Yesterday all of a sudden when one of the laptops was turned on the other two computers suddenly went on limited connectivity from working fine.

nothing was installed on the laptop that was turned on last but i do have windows automatic updates on.

I can connect to the internet directly with each of the computers its just when i connect them through the router i cant

Does anyone know how this problem can be fixed


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same problem

by arnulfo In reply to Sudden limited connectivi ...

i have a lynksys Wireless-G Broadband Router WRT54G, 2 desktops connected by wire, and 2 laptops connected wireless. The laptops are running XP home edition. One of the laptops sometimes loses conection a gets a limited connectivity status but after reseting the router it regains conectivity. However, the sencond one, a dell inspirion, once it gets on the limited connectivity status i cannot get it to conect again. The only solution so far has been to reinstall the OS but wtih this it is 3 times already and it is getting tiresome to solve the problem this way. The problem seems to be with the laptop, as resetting the OS solves the problem, however the router seems to be part of the problem. I have a dlink router at another location and the laptop connects fine there. Any ideas?

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Hope this helps

by Pendal1 In reply to Sudden limited connectivi ...

Guys, I know when you have a cable modem for example (and no router) and you have it connected to a home pc and then disconnect the patch cable (internet connection) from the home pc and connect it to the laptop - the laptop will fail to connect to the internet. The reason is the modem has already handed out the authorized IP address. You would have to reset (power cycle the modem so it can assign the IP address to the laptop. I think what you should do is when you experiece these problems - power cycle the modem and router and let the router reassin the IP addresses because routers can assign more than one IP address which is not happening in both your cases. If the problem continues, I would also release/renew the ip address via ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew. Another option is if funky things are happening with tcp/ip (with XP as the OS), you can reset the TCP/IP stack to default settings (factory) with the following command: netsh int ip reset filename.log. Also, make sure all machines are set to DHCP and not a static configuration by accident obviously depending upon how you have things setup. Beyond this, I would contact Tech support for your respective router's manufacturer and make sure the router is setup correctly. Hope this helps. Bill.

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