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By Tony Hopkinson ·
I'm on a training course soon on how to interview people for technical positions given by HR

This will make sure I'm aware that I can't ask stupid questions like
What colour are you ?
When are you going to become pregnant?
How old are you ?

That aside, this seems to be a great opportunity to have one or three digs at the bane of our existence.

Please note I'm not allowed to call them names, so any insults must be very polite. ]:)

Also it doesn't matter if they don't understand how insulting I'm being.

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That's why I'm getting the training

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to polite? subtle?

It's easier to teach me not to put my foot in it HR wise, than to teach them IT wise.

It's mainly that point I want to get across, their total unsuitablility to take over from us thickie techs who don't know the important bits about employing an IT bod.

They were leaving us alone , but the there's a new broom in town making waves while not rowing the boat in the same direction if you are touching base on the same hymn sheet.

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figured that,

by Jaqui In reply to That's why I'm getting th ...

but the point needs to be driven in that they are not even qualified to short list the applicants.
[ just so you can pick those whose brag sheets* show promise from an IT veiwpoint. ]

I would ask them things like how to get the server back up, from a remote location.
[ using both a windows remote system and a unix server ]

database design for a high volume ecommerce site.

detail the steps in debugging a network failure.

script x utility in bash / perl / dos batch.

* Brag sheet, a term used in a sci-fi novel for resume. it just seems to me to be an accurate description of a resume. ]:)

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by onbliss In reply to Suggestions Please

There was a time when I used to put the date of birth in the resume. It was 15+ weird years ago. As usually happens the format was borrowed from somebody. We used to list father's name, residential address etc.

So why can't we ask age? Age discrimination, is it?

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Yep no longer a consideration

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to DOB

However nor is ethnicity. Yet I've been asked mine several times in the guise of a company showing that interview/employ minorities.

It hasn't been too much of a bar for mr up to press answering truthfully.

Some of them seen to have a problem with the idea of yorkshireman as an ethnic group ;\

You can see the buggers collecting statistics on it soon. Course just like race it won't be a consideration, no never.

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Statistics on race

by NickNielsen In reply to Yep no longer a considera ...

Companies here in the states ask your race for Federally required "statistical purposes" such as determining percentages of minority or female employees. My last few employers have collected this data on anonymous forms. If possible on such forms, I will enter "Human" on the line for race or by checking "Other" and writing it in. I've also been known to ask why there isn't a checkbox for "Human." Drives HR nuts!

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Anonymous I can sort of live with

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Statistics on race

though I'd have a real problem if the company used the numbers in terms of recruitment. I find tokenism almost as offensive as racism.

I went for one job and the question was smack in the middle of the job application form they wanted me to fill out. I refused.

Fortunately my current employers aren't that stupid, even the ones from HR.

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You might explore the concept of race properly

by neilb@uk In reply to Suggestions Please

and in great detail. Get them to tell you where the law applies and doesn't apply. Although it's obviously acceptable for you to diss Lancastrians out of hand, surely that sets a precedent? So can you be prejudiced against, say, the Welsh? Surely you can! Southern Jessies in general? People from Surrey who you have, at least on TR, found to be mostly troublemakers?

Not all prejudice is wrong. Discuss...

Can you discriminate against atheists? It's not a religion, is it?

Given that there's very little that you can discriminate against, you could try irrational behaviour against the short - or tall - just to see if you can get them to bite.

Enjoy your course...


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Well aetheism is a religion

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You might explore the con ...

It's the more serious bias' I have to watch out for. People who don't like linux, think Javascript is a good OO environment, or that access is an enterprise database.

I wonder if my dislike for brown nosers is relevant?

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What about the jedis?

by Bork Blatt In reply to Well aetheism is a religi ...

I know religious discrimination is wrong and all, but shouldn't the jedis be your number one hiring choice?

Those who can recite Episodes 4 to 6 word perfect from memory should surely be hired on the spot?

Special accessibility notice for those with humour related disabilities - this entire post is a joke. Any similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental. If your grandmother is a sith lord (lady?) there was no offence intended, OK?

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HR Job Websites Need Better Action Word Settings

by newsplan1 In reply to What about the jedis?

Job websites -- be they for Monster, Brass Ring or a local factory -- are useless if HR does not set the online job applications to search for specific words and phrases. I've seen good applicants passed up or slotted for incorrect positions because HR did not give priority to important resume data. Word and phrase values are crucial.

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