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Hi, I am a newbie in networking. I am going to start an internet service in a small and remote area but i still confused with the router and switch. I am planning to put about 21 computers in it. It will mostly be used for internet and not a lot of file sharing. How many switch and router do i need? Do I connect the ISP modem to router then switch or modem -> switch -> router? I would like to thank for any help in advance.

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wi-fi is considered

by faz-image In reply to Well here it all depends

I can only start to the wiring in 2 months, since the place is under major remodel. I will post more if I have more questions. Thank everybody for the help.

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Unless you have a very very highspeed connection

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Switch and Router

the choke point will be the Internet connection. You definitely need some sort of router at or near the modem. After that you should look at having the machines that tend to talk a lot to each other on the same routers. For example - if you have three eight port routers 24 machines and a switch and three major work teams - you set one team up on each router then connect the routers to the switch, that will stop internal team traffic from getting on the main part of the LAN and the switch will only need to worry about inter router traffic, thus reducing the load. Best to have the modem off one of the routers for the added security - if possible.

To do a full design, a lot more information is really needed.

Here's an image of a very large LAN / WAN set up at:

That might give you an idea of the sort of things to think about.

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Links is magnificent

by faz-image In reply to Unless you have a very ve ...

Thanks for the picture links. This will help me a lot better than trying to picture the whole design on my head. I am a mechanical engineer not a computer engineer. Thank you

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