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By dklauk ·
I have a small SBS2003 net with 4 workstations all of which run xp pro. The workstations/users were initially set up to be part of a domain but now I need to isolate a domain problem (by eliminating it, even if just temporarily) so that I can troubleshoot the net behavior in a peer-to-peer manner.

QUESTION: If I go to each client workstation and switch from the domain to a workgroup, will XP keep the current user profile and also use the current computer name? I am concerned that I will lose the user profile when I do the reboot of each workstation.

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Good point CG IT

by Jacky Howe In reply to Note: you will need to s ...

I will have to stop taking it for granted that everyone thinks like I do as I always set a Backdoor on Workstations. I normally set the Administrators password and create another Local Administrator just in case. :)

To be sure to be sure

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final point from CG IT

by dklauk In reply to Good point CG IT ;)

Thanks for the last tip--a really big one at that!

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all boils down to logging on locally vs domain

by CG IT In reply to final point from CG IT

domain credentials doesn't provide local rights and permissions. The local machine administrators account may or may not have a password and may or may not have had it's named changed. If you don't set it up before you change from domain to workgroup, you won't be able to log on and then have to crack the admin account password.

With domain admin account, you can get in and set the local machine admin account name and password. That way you can get in once the machine is disjoined from the domain. I've run into this problem alot where the domain administrator didn't realize the domain admin account didn't work on the local machine.

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Yep, there's domain administrators :)

by Jacky Howe In reply to all boils down to logging ...

and there's domain administrators.

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