Symantec has blacklisted my company - they won't help!

By Oldmanmike ·
Tens of thousands of our 200,000+ customers are no longer receiving e-mails from our domains. We found that Symantec blacklisted our server's IP address. They won't say why or when, but have confirmed that they have removed the entry.

This keeps us from sending to our customers who use MSN, Hotmail, USA.NET, and many other domains. They are not receiving statements, transaction information, receipts, etc.

Symantec is telling us we need to reach the admins at MSN, Hotmail, etc. and have them update their spam filters. As you can imagine, it's impossible to get responses out of most of these folks. Those that respond are telling us it's a problem between Symantec and us.

How do we hold Symantec accountable for what amounts to electronic slander/libel? (Please note that we are in charge of our own DNS and mail servers, and have confirmed proper setup of our DNS MX records, etc.)

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Symantec has blacklisted ...

can you quick set up another domain and mail server and relay thru them? or is this the kinda thing that got company in trouble in the first place?. seems like you ought to be able to spoof it slightly.
thank your for your post. highly interesting. sorry i can't answer your question.

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Also be sure to check SORBS

by Dominic Bosco In reply to relay?
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Symantec maintains its own Blacklist?

by Dominic Bosco In reply to Symantec has blacklisted ...

I didn't know that Symantec maintained its own BlackList. I thought they just used ones maintained by other organizations.

Go to and use their free mxlookup and blacklist lookup tools.

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Symantec removed us from list, but is still stalling

by Oldmanmike In reply to Symantec maintains its ow ...

Here's what Symantec is saying:

Your gateway server was removed from the blocked list..... You were on the list as your gateway server was identified as a "Zombie". Our probe network which receives spam from thousands of sources world-wide identified you as a possible spammer and you were blocked.....

At this time there is nothing further to troubleshoot with the Symantec filters. If you still have difficulty sending email to certain domains, contact those domains directly. They in turn can contact us to attempt to troubleshoot an issue that appears to be coming from a set of custom rules. Like a car dealership, we insure the car will work correctly, but we do not have responsibility over how those customers would drive the vehicle. Any liability and responsibility rests solely on the domain which is rejecting your email at this point.

So in other words, they publish us on their blacklist, and then say we're responsible for contacting MSN, Hotmail, etc. to get their filters updated. Have you ever tried to get support from them in person?

I've actually gotten e-mails from real people at Hotmail support, MSN, and some other big hosting firms, but they're all saying I need to get back in touch with Symantec.

Here's what they say:

We have identified that messages from your IP x.x.x.x are being blocked based on the recommendations of the Symantec Brightmail filter.

The only way to stop this process is to contact Symantec and have them remove the recommendation that your IP be blocked. If you wish to be unblocked by Symantec you must work with Symantec, and not MSN Hotmail. The instructions to do this are below. Please follow these instructions as closely as possible as any deviation will result in delays in resolving your issue.

To do this, please send an e-mail message to:

Shouldn't Symantec be responsible for notifying domain admins that they're going to be blocked? I've spent dozens of expensive hours working on this, and my customers are suffering the consequences.

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Symantec is the worst anti-virus software I've seen

by dealfisher In reply to Symantec has blacklisted ...

I am having the same problem with Symantec. As a former IS College Teacher and published professional, I have quite a bit of respect in the IS field. I explain to my customers that it is Symantec's problem and then I tell them how much better my computers worked when I switched to ESET NOD32. I guarantee that I have cost Norton's hundreds of sales or renewals. Speak with the pocket book.

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Ought to consult your legal department or lawyers

by CG IT In reply to Symantec has blacklisted ...

not much you can do to work around this situation except to get the lawyers involved.

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