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By dmiles ·
I have recently built a new system,sfter putting all the parts togeather,it will not bootI press the switch and nothing,no fans spinning, hard drive,no beeps even when the memory is taken out. This board is all SATA,No IDE/PATA
System Build

Intel DP45SG Extreme MB
E7500 Core2 Duo
Corsair DDR3 XMS 4 GB
eVGA GeForce 9800 GT/PCI
CoolMaster 550w Power Supply

Any ideas why this sysem will not boot will be appreciated

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Another thing that I've seen previously like this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to System Build

Is that the CPU was incorrectly fitted tot he Socket on the M'Board. That resulted in nothing happening at all.

Not something personally that I've ever done as I like to make bigger mistakes that cost lots more to fix up after myself.

But here is a Tip that I figured out years ago and that was never to fit any M'Board to a case before testing and making sure that it worked. Back in the early 486 - Pentium Days when the M'Boards where not that great I had lots of the nasty ones just not work straight out of the box. That was more to do with the M'Boards than anything else but I've never fitted a CPU and RAM to a M'Board in a case on a new build since.

Even today I fit the CPU & Heat Sink and at least 1 stick of RAM tot he M'Board and if I don't have anything better lay it on a clean sheet of White Paper and plug in a Known Good PS and Video Card and test. If it doesn't work at that stage I look to find out what's wrong.

You can use a Phillips Screwdriver to short out the Pins on the ATX Start Button or just fit a contact Switch on 2 wires. I've got lots from decommissioned cases that I use to test with if that is of any help. Besides it's easier to read any marks on the M'Board with out out of the case. Then I set the BIOS before doing anything else.

When that is done I then power down remove the PS and fit the M'Board to the case. Test again and if it doesn't work now look at the case to see what I've done wrong this time.

As I don't know this Intel M'Board have you checked that the RAM is compatible for it? I've seen numerous cases where the new Intel Chip Sets don't like to have the RAM Sockets fully Populated with the cheaper slower RAM even though the system works perfectly with 2 Modules fitted but does nothing when all 4 Memory Sockets are filled.

I hope that is of some help.


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by dmiles In reply to Another thing that I've s ...

I have received the MB back reassembled the
and booted up with no problems as of today,the system includes the following and it may have been any or a number of things

Intel MB -DP45SG
CPU E7500-2.93MHZ
Corsair DDR 3-1333
nVIDIA Ge Force 9800GT
Corsair 650W PS(made the switch to a larger PS)
At the time being it is running and staying cool

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Great News that it's working now. EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Update

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