System Freezes at BIOS

By Evan_K ·

I have been having a randomly occuring problem with my PC for some time
now. Once every few weeks or so, it will decide to fully freeze up, and after
rebooting it freezes while displaying the bios. The problem can usually be
solved by unplugging the power connector from the PSU. Could it be a power
surge or brownout of some sort?
The fact that it comes and goes just drives me up the wall.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.p


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Something to check....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to System Freezes at BIOS

Re-seat all your boards add-on cards.

Unplug the system, make sure you are properly grounded and carefully unplug all the PCI, AGP, etc. cards along with the RAM chips from the motherboard. Then carefully and firmly re-seat them in their appropriate slots. If you have more than one PCI card connected, you may want to swap their positions while you're at it.

Your issue is most likely a hardware related one but may be a faulty driver as well.

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Thanks for the advice, still no luck.

by Evan_K In reply to Something to check....

I gave it a shot, unplugged absolutely everything from every slot, and let it sit overnight. Came back in the morning to check, and it's still acting up. To try and diagnose the problem better I unplugged everything (except a stick of RAM), and tried to boot with the bare minimum (input devices, video) all integrated which still yielded the same result. All fans run fine, and the PSU is pretty recent.

Thanks again,

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One more thing

by Evan_K In reply to Thanks for the advice, st ...

I thought it might be helpful to mention that a little while pre-freeze, the power through my USB ports was pulsating on and off quickly. My iPod Touch (which beeps once when it starts to charge through USB), started beeping crazily and the lights on my wireless mouse dock were randomly flashing as well.

This is leading me to believe it is solely a motherboard issue, but before I go buy a new MB/CPU/RAM setup I'd really appreciate a second opinion.


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I wish I had better news...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to One more thing

I think your motherboard suspicions are correct.
Have you tried updating the BIOS?

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by Evan_K In reply to I wish I had better news. ...

I haven't ever updated the BIOS for the sole reason that
there were no updated drivers released (crap mobo). I'm
bringing in today to get the system tested, then I will go
from there as far as upgrades go.

Thanks again,

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mine too

by sepulvadom In reply to I wish I had better news. ...

I am having the same difficulty. There is no way to get to any settings because the keyboard and mouse will not connect nor will another set of keyboard/mouse. I have tried everything you suggested.

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Hardware failure - MB

by cmartell In reply to System Freezes at BIOS

This is a mainboard failure most likely, remote chance it's RAM or hard drive. If the PC is over 3 years old, replace the PC. IF it is less than three, hopefully you bought a Dell or HP with a 3 year warranty. Beleive me - PC lockups are always hardware failure and usually MB.

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Got it Checked

by Evan_K In reply to Hardware failure - MB

Brought it into a local PC repair shop to get it tested and it turns out the mobo was defective.

Swapped everything w/
E6850 3.00GHz 4MB/1333FSB
Azen 1024Mb DDR-II 800MhZ PC6400 RAM (x3)

Now I am happy.

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Well at least...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Got it Checked

you were able to resolve the issue and now you've got a faster, better system.

It is greatly appreciated if you tag all useful responses as 'Helpful' by opening those posts and clicking the 'Mark Helpful' button at the bottom. That way, people with a similar situation in the future will be able to quickly see what ultimately helped. Thanks.

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