system recovery, windows xp does not start up in normal mode now

By cnm25 ·
I did a system recovery on my computer (F10). I was not supposed to do this, messed up and now I am trying to get back files. I can only get into safe mode, my computer will not allow me to run normal mode. I need help. Not too computer savvy but can follow directions if someone can help. thanks

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You can recover your files in Safe Mode

by nepenthe0 In reply to system recovery, windows ...

Although the monitor will look different, and the computer will run more slowly, you should be able to access your files and transfer them to a USB flash drive, an external hard drive, or burn them to a CD.

If you want to transfer your files directly to another computer, there is a nifty gizmo called the Coolmax Adapter which you can obtain at

Remove the hard drive, connect it to the Coolmax adapter, and plug the USB cable into another working computer. The hard drive will be assigned a drive letter in Explorer mode. Simply transfer your files to the working computer.

That should solve the file recovery problem. Regarding repairing the operating system, it would help to know your computer make/model, and the operating system (Windows XP, etc).

Rick/Portland, OR

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More info we may need

by Dumphrey In reply to system recovery, windows ...

besides what nep asked for is what if any error or message you get if you try to boot into normal mode. The fact that it boots into safe mode leads me to think it may be as simple as a bad driver.

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Include EVERYTHING you did.

by 1bn0 In reply to system recovery, windows ...

Normally a System Restore, initiated the way you describe, will reinstall the OS to the factory default.

The usual result is a working system with all previous data deleted before the system was restored.

Did you do anything to interrupt the process? (If yes it may be a good thing if you have any chance of recovering data, but may be not).

Did the System Restore complete normally or were there errors?

Did you do anything else after the System Restore completed?

And yes, provide more information on your setup.

Brand / Make / Model of your computer.

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Turn off the affected computer

by OH Smeg In reply to system recovery, windows ...

And use something else to post back here with.

Do Not restart the affected computer till you have the necessary information available to you as the more that it gets used the more likely you are to overwrite Data and make it very expensive to recover.

Now exactly what did you do and to what?

So we need to know the Make & Model of this computer and what you did exactly. Also what if any changes have been made to it and what makes you think that it is in Safe Mode. Do you see the words Safe Mode in all 4 corners of the Screen or are the colors just wrong?

If you formatted the drive you will need to remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and then use a Specialized Software Application on a different computer to recover your data or go to the Backup that should be kept and reload your data from there with only the loss of everything you have done since the last backup.

What is in place where you are to prevent Data Loss if anything?

The more information you provide initially the faster you will get an answer that is helpful to you.


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