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T-1 Alternative

By Sitizn Wille ·
I would like some information on t-1 alternatives. We currently have 4 t-1's and it is very expensive. I am looking for a few ideas for an alternative method. All current t-1's span close to 100 miles each and i am in a rural area so my options are going to be limited.
I have been doing some research on microwave, but that seems to be as much or more than the t-1's we have in place now.
If anyone has any ideas that would be more cost effective i would greatly appreciate it!!
Has to be reliable/security is a must.
Sitizn Willie

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Is part of the requirements phone lines?

by jdclyde In reply to Did you ever analyze your ...

This is where VoIP can save you big time.
Instead of peeling a T1 into 24 dedicated phone lines that sit empty when no calls are going over them, you convert it all to DATA, prioritizing the VoIP traffic. When you are not making phone calls, the bandwidth can be used for the other data traffic. And because you can compress this and cut off the frame headers you can get six to eight calls using the same amount of bandwitdh that one dedicated line uses.

This is how we cut back on T1.

Can give more information on what and how we did this if your interested.

Good luck!

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T-1 Alternative

by Sitizn Wille In reply to Is part of the requiremen ...

We pay for the full t-1's and it is a private line. Due to security, we use 4 channels for our phone system between branches, so that helps cut on long distance. Not sure they will do fractional t-1's here, It took us 6 months to even get them to give us the first t-1 line. We have one mom and pop provider so even if we go through a third party they have buy the bandwith from them. But It sounds like from all I have read on here, that t-1 is far cheaper and better than any alt. Not sure about frame rely, would have to have a t-1 anyways right?

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