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By dawgit ·
I'm a little slow sometimes and just cought this from MSNBC, no I did't make it up, and it's not dated 1 Apr.
"You Might Want to Do Your Shoplifting Elsewhere: Increasingly, police departments and government offices (customs agencies, NASA, even the FBI) rely on state-of-the-art investigation support from the Target Corp. (as in Target department stores), according to a January Washington Post report. Target's world-class forensics lab in Minneapolis is the first choice by many departments for examination of surveillance tapes and other evidence, and it was Target in the mid-1990s that finally moved agencies to coordinate previously incompatible databases of criminals (treating the felon population as a nationwide "inventory control" problem). A Target executive said he works for "a high-tech company masquerading as a retailer." [Washington Post, 1-29-06]
While I think it a good Tech story, it still kind of makes me wonder (more than just a little) and might explain a few things lately. (all the gov. credit card bills to Target, I thought they were buying hammers) It could be, also kind of scary. No?

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Target == France?

by smittysmitty777 In reply to I'm sure they do

Isn't Target owned by the big bad French? Why would they cooperate with the FBI if this administration wants us to eschew all things French including calling fried potatoes that are cut into long thin strips 'Freedom Fries' instead of 'French Fries' [which they are not]?

Just kidding...

According to the urban legend that says that they only support G-L-B-T fundraisings and no VFW support and on and on...

But this is only an urban legend mind you...

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French Fries ?????

by dawgit In reply to Target == France?

That's the first time I heard that, I wonder if anyone in France knows that? (maybe I should go next door & tell them, I could get some french fries too)
And G-L-B-T??? is some new disease somewhere? like the chicken flu?
As for foreign ownership, the Chineese now own America anyway. so it really don't matter.

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by Jaqui In reply to French Fries ?????

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender aka the 10% of people in the planet.

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the top 10% ?

by dawgit In reply to GLBT


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by Jaqui In reply to the top 10% ?

if you ask someone who is part of that community, they would naturally say yes.

if you ask someone in marketing they would also say yes.
[ more disposable income when no family expenses ]

if you ask your typical red-necked ****-phobe, they would say no.

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Especially if you want a job ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to the top 10% ?

... in theatre or the fine arts.

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by DC Guy In reply to Target == France?

Target is the old Dayton-Hudson corporation. It changed its name a while back when the directors realized that the bottom-end chain they founded to complement Marshall-Fields and the other old guard stores had eclipsed the rest of the company and had become their most recognized logo.

You're just confused because we all picked up on that comedienne's line and pronounce it tar-ZHAY. ^_^

BTW, I don't know how they treat their line staff but I did a gig there a few years ago and their IT department is about the most content bunch of people I ever met.

It's a shame that few stores treat their front-line employees very well. It sure shows. But I wouldn't put too much into the surveillance thing, because after all, as someone pointed out, employee theft is a major cost of business and they just have to address it the way they would any other problem.

America has evolved into a nation of cheaters so we have to live with what that means. I just don't know how that happened. It couldn't have anything to do with the income tax code, the war on drugs, the old 55mph speed limit, the Byzantine welfare regulations, etc., could it? Our government wouldn't actually train people to discover that beating the system any way you can is the right way to get ahead, would it?

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French Fries...

by crispyCritter In reply to Dayton-Hudson

As far as the Urban legend about Target being a french owned company...

Are you telling me that you never ever received a forward giving some sob story about Target not giving donations to VFWs, or American Legions and to boycott them because they are not patriotic, French, Blah Blah blah... If not, just google "target urban legend" or just go to

I did not bring this up because of a comedy routine that I have never heard...

I brought it up because I thought it was funny that the FBI would corroborate with a company that right wing nutjobs are constantly trying to get people to boycott because of e-mail forwards...

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Beware of eRumors

by Geko In reply to Target == France?

I'm always leary of email rumors especially if they involve a company. It's so easy for a rival company e.g Wal-mart or Sears to start a false rumor to steal business...and I would put it past them...and these rumors spread like wildfire. Back in the 70s Johnny Carson made a joke about a toilet paper shortage and, Guess what, two days later there was one!

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Is that all?

by Leee In reply to I'm sure they do

Forty percent? I've heard figures as high as 70% in the retail industry - not that 70% of the employees steal (I certainly hope not), but that 70% of stealing is done by employees. So the next time you walk into a store carrying a large purse or bag from another store and get a once-over from a worker, you might want to throw out this statistic and say that you're not the likely suspect!

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