Tarting Up!

By VAR1016 ·
I am about to "tart up" my computers; the newer one gets more memory, a better graphics card and a faster processor.

This means I shall have a spare dual core processor. For the old computer (2003) I have ordered a new motherboard: Asus M2V-MX SE ( ) This accommodates the processor and the ram I have to hand (2GB). I also have a 40GB SATA hard drive coming. I will use the GEForce 8400GS graphics card from the other machine. Sorry about the long introduction; my question: will the Asus motherboard also recognise the old 40GB IDE hardrive that is in the old computer? I am interested in trying to run both hard drives with a view to "having a look" at Vixta.

Thank you


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Well normally I would say no not at all but here .................

by OH Smeg In reply to The Problem I think...

You need a Burning Application like Nero. or something else to turn the download into a Bootable CD but as it is just a Download that isn't actually installed from a Trusted Site it shouldn't prove a problem.

Well lets put it this way I have yet to have a problem with it at lest. If you are at all concerned download the ISO Image as it is very unlikely to be infected with anything. I could be biased here as I only use ISO Images myself and burn them to CD or DVD as I consider them far safer than the individual files but you'll want to use a Download Tool as this is a reasonably big file and if you suffer any dropouts you don't want to start from the beginning all over again. You should have a AV Product on the drive as well so something like NOD 32 available from here

Not sure what your preferred Burning Software is but that shouldn't cause any problems either.


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Not that kind of damage!

by VAR1016 In reply to Well normally I would say ...

Hello again.

No I was not concerned about viruses etc., I meant my doing damage using the software! I have been studying some of the features, especially the bit about passwords (that topic again) and it all looks pretty advanced for me!



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This is a Boot Disc that doesn't run under Windows

by OH Smeg In reply to Not that kind of damage!

So while it is conceivable that you could do some damage it's unlikely to actually happen because it is a different Operating System that runs before Windows can load. The Diagnostic Tests all run under DOS or Linux and have nothing to do with Windows unless you try to change things.

So it shouldn't be an issue.


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Maximum Message Level! Grrr

by VAR1016 In reply to Well I can only speak fro ...

Thanks yet again (this is a reply on the Ultimate Boot DIsc Issue).

I took the opportunity to download DVD43 Decrypter and used this as Nero 8 (or I perhaps!) made a balls of it. DVD 43 worked perfectly. As soon as I have a bit of time I shall have a play with it. Thanks for the tip - it looks really useful.

By the way (reverting to the original topic) I think that I have been stuffed by the ebay bloke who sold me the Asus motherboard, so I have ordered a MSI one instead for the "new" project. Typicaly it will probably end up being better than my "new computer" - and all for sending emails and chatting here - mad obviously!

Best wishes


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Just a word of warning here Paul

by OH Smeg In reply to Maximum Message Level! Gr ...

DVD 43 has sometimes caused problems on some systems. So if you get any screwy problems try stopping DVD43 or uninstalling it to see if the problems stop.

If you have problems with DVD43 try this one which seems to work OK and doesn't produce any issues


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