TCP/IP over satellite network

By bo_hnad0071 ·
Hi i have final year project about improving the performance of TCP over satellite network, i dont know how to to design the betwork using opnet software , please could someone help me to do that i have no time left ...waiting for answer..

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Well, how does a satellite network differ from a normal ethernet link?

by robo_dev In reply to TCP/IP over satellite net ...

Are you able to design any types of networks using opnet?

Some networks work better with larger packets and fewer acknolowledgements, other networks work better with smaller packets and more acknowlegements (or some permutation of the above). How could you change the characteristics of the network traffic to best suit the characteristics of the link?

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by Absolutely In reply to Well, how does a satellit ...

I have never seen a question like that get any response beyond "do your own homework." I think you will not be a dung beetle in your next life.

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No, maybe the dung from the dung beetle

by robo_dev In reply to impressive

Socratic method and all....

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by Absolutely In reply to No, maybe the dung from t ...

That was intended as a compliment, but have it your way.

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You do know that...

by dawgit In reply to Phooey.

someone is (probably) actuly studying those Dung Beetles. -d

edited to un-spell the wrong Beatle. -d

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I'm lost.

by Absolutely In reply to You do know that...

someone is (probably) actually studying those Dung Beetles.

I'm sure there's an entomologist somewhere studying the Beatles as we speak, but I have no idea why you mention it, or the study of Beetles.

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From what I recall

by Dr Dij In reply to Well, how does a satellit ...

in a telecom class

satellites have massive delays, 1/4 second or so each way I think when going out to geosync satellites (because they are orbiting so far out).

As you said, larger packets, etc will increase performance. Not sure what else.

Supercomputer ultra hi-speed lines use modified ethernet protocols with reduced ack sequences. This cuts delays dramatically.

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by normhaga In reply to TCP/IP over satellite net ...

I will not do your homework but I will suggest a starting point. There is an older transmission protocol called SEALINK that was, and is still used today that addresses the large transmission latency. If you were to start here and then adapt it, you might find most of your homework is done - except for the typing, that is.

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By no means an expert

I am by no means an expert, but I just finished reading this report. Thought that it might be of some use or interest.

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Interesting but...

by dawgit In reply to By no means an expert

it does look a bit dated. You didn't happen to catch a date on that did you Michael?
(I don't know why, but it looks famiular too. ? maybe I'm just getting old :0 )
Good general info though, so a Thanks to you for it. -d

edited to add:
that stuff is still a bit controled to realy have a good discussion here. It could kind of make a person thaink where it's going to go. Sign of the times, I guess. -d

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