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Tea or Coffee

By timjmartin0580 ·
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Which do you prefer ?

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by irfan1.aloha In reply to both

It depends up on the situation and mood.

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by helen1563181210 In reply to Both

Without shugar or milk!

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by keyanny04 In reply to Both

I can't live without creamed coffee.)))

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by frederickbooker098 In reply to Both

Same to me
If everything is fina and I don't need to work all night - tea, but in other situations - coffee

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Tea Spice

by juliacesyan2016 In reply to Tea or Coffee

Tea all the way, I can't get enough.

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Both of them

by smithmarry In reply to Tea or Coffee

But I prefer black Arabica Coffee in the morning and a cup of green tea at 3 p.m.

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by vaktamondal2 In reply to Tea or Coffee

I prefer tea all the time. Even in morning as well.

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Inhale or exhale

by adamclap1 In reply to Tea or Coffee

Both are important. And both tea and coffee are vital for me)

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Tea or Coffee

Lightly creamed and sugared. Lightly.

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I like Coffee

by Rickhendrix In reply to Tea or Coffee

Every day during working hours i take 2 cups of coffee. I like it but I started coffee when I started job.

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