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Tech Perspective: Cable modems vs. DSL

By techperspective ·
Cable modems and DSL are competing for domination in the high-speed Internet access market. If you're working from home or a small satellite office where T-1 or frame relay isn't available, you know that quality of service (QOS) is just as importantas price. According to Gartner, xDSL architecture is clearly superior to cable in terms of QOS. But if cable service is your only option, you shouldn't necessarily write it off.

Do you use cable modems or DSL for business remote access? What havebeen your experiences with it? Are you happy with your service? What complaints do you have? How important is QOS to you? Do you have a service-level agreement with your provider? If so, what does it entail?

You can read the related Gartner article, which will be posted 3 A.M. Monday, at

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