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    Tech Pro Research is now TechRepublic Premium


    by Tammy.Cavadias ·


    TechRepublic has relaunched Tech Pro Research as TechRepublic Premium, making it easier for you to access our ready-made policies, templates, and tools.

    TechRepublic has offered a premium subscription product since we launched Tech Pro Guild in 1999, when the offerings included in-depth technical articles, online access to IT books, and printed journals. Yes, back then we still mailed paper journals every month.

    We’re giving you more choices in how you buy TechRepublic Premium content. You can buy individual items for either $49 or $99, or you can get complete access to our entire library of TechRepublic Premium content for an annual subscription of $299 per year.

    We’re extremely proud of TechRepublic Premium, and we encourage you to explore all our Premium content. Once you see all that TechRepublic Premium has to offer, we hope you’ll be hooked. And if you have feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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