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tech support blooper

By longennamer ·
This is what happened to me while talking to a support rep with Dell today. It shows how tech savvy the support reps are anymore.

First, the support rep asked me for my e-mail address. I proceed to give her my e-mail address, and she asks, "Is that all lower case?" It was all I could do to keep from laughing at her.

I had little faith in her computer abilities far before we even started trying to figure out the computer problem.

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dead smart jack

by gbickel In reply to Re: tech support blooper

But, if the manual that the hpone support guy has does not mention a power loss, then a power loss is just not possible. :)

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Surprised Tier one or two didn't get that one

by Oz_Media In reply to dead smart jack

Tier one tech support:
"Is it plugged in....YES?.......Hmmmmmm, I'll have to put you back in queue for 40 minutes to wait for tier two support and they will ask if the power light is on before passing you to tier 3. Hold please."

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Re: tech support blooper

Yes, but don't you know you have to follow their flip chart.

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Dead PC

by GSG In reply to tech support blooper

I had a Dr. call and chew me out because an application wouldn't work. This was in the middle of severe thunderstorms that dropped 7 inches of rain in 1 hour, and flooded the ER. When I got there, the PC wouldn't power on. So, I go get a GYN exam light, plug it in, and it won't light. I ask the Dr. if he was aware that the power was out and that they were on generator power (Only medical equipment is to be plugged into generator outlets). He indicates that he is aware of it, and asks why the PC won't work. I then have to explain to this highly educated man that PC's require electricity. Without it, they won't turn on. He was still scratching his head when I left. Of course, I won't tell you about the time that I was sure that the power switch was broken on a pc, when the problem was that I hadn't plugged it in. No sir, I won't admit to anything...

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Don't feel too bad

by Oz_Media In reply to Dead PC

I've swapped a 'dead' CDROM out of a new PC because I didn't see the clear packaging tape placed across the door.

I took the 'old' CDROM home and while poking a paperclip in the manual release hole, my little light bulb blinked on once or twice and I finally got it. DOH!

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by Der Tommissar In reply to Dead PC

He may have been wondering why it wasn't on the generator. As someone who did support work in a hospital, I've met a few doctors who consider their PC's critical medical equipment.

"But Dr., shouldn't we save the power for the respirators?"

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RE: Doctors

by poppawookie In reply to Doctors

Isn't that the truth. I wonder how doctors saved lives before the advent of computers...

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by jbaker In reply to Doctors

"To **** with the life support equipment, I want to listen to my MP3s!"

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Something about medical school

by jbaker In reply to Dead PC

Takes all intelligence not medically related and blasts it right out of a doctor's head. Some of the dumbest users that I have ever had to support have been some of the best doctors in their respective fields...go figger.

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I concur...

by gralfus In reply to Something about medical s ...

I was in a Metallurgy class years ago and was reclaiming iron from rust through a thermite reaction. I showed a nursing student a piece of the iron I had "made", and she looked really confused. "What do you mean by 'iron'? Iron is an element." Her only reference point for iron was something in your blood. I tried to explain about "ironing your clothes" is called that because of the large piece of hot iron that you use to get the wrinkles out. "But that is steel..." Yes, common steel is around 99% iron with a bit of carbon added. She still didn't get it.

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