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tech support blooper

By longennamer ·
This is what happened to me while talking to a support rep with Dell today. It shows how tech savvy the support reps are anymore.

First, the support rep asked me for my e-mail address. I proceed to give her my e-mail address, and she asks, "Is that all lower case?" It was all I could do to keep from laughing at her.

I had little faith in her computer abilities far before we even started trying to figure out the computer problem.

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Another one

by Oz_Media In reply to tech support blooper

I had a product support rep in Texas ask me for a URL I was referring to (a basic html based web page), when I gave it to him he asked, "Do I need to put WWW first?"

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RE: Tech blooper

by poppawookie In reply to tech support blooper

That is not the first time I have heard about an issue like this. I deal with Dell and Gateway on a consistent basis. There are many other bloopers. When they ask if you are an on-site tech and tell them that you work for the IS dept in your organization, they still run through the "script" that has been written for them.

It makes you feel real stupid.

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Seems worse these days

by shorne In reply to RE: Tech blooper

I thought tech support started to get bad in the last half of the 90's (prior to that I often seemed to talk to guys who seemed a lot smarter than me and really knew the stuff). The offshoring doesn't help. I had a problem with a Treo that I won at a cell phone company seminar. The CSR in the Phillipines could not understand what I meant by "winning" a phone apparently and just kept repeating "I need your sales invoice number". We were locked in that loop for many minutes until my head finally exploded.

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After The First Call

by FirstPeter In reply to RE: Tech blooper

At least after you've called them the first time you can start to script your answers and give them what they want before they ask, a la:

Support: "Good morning. Are you experiencing a problem with your computer?"

You: "Yes, that's why I called. For your next six questions the answers are: Yes, I've tried turning it off and then on again. Yes, I've unplugged it and plugged it back in. No, I haven't spilled any coffee on it. No, there is no smoke pouring out of it. I'm running Windows XP SP2 with all 2.16GB of patches installed, including the fourteen that were released last week. And yes, I'll hold while you transfer me to someone that can help. Thank you."

Really cuts down on the time wasted on the phone.

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Don't get me off my script Mr....

by shorne In reply to After The First Call

Good one...but why do I suspect there would be a pause and they would just go on to question two anyway. Same as the burger drive thru script writers.."Is that a combo sir" Did I ask for a combo? Did you hear ther word combo?

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by jmgarvin In reply to Don't get me off my scrip ...

This sums it all up (NSFW language)

"What do I do, oh guru of computer wisdom?"

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That was...

by shorne In reply to Bah...
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another good idea FUBAR

by jerry~Beans&Bytes In reply to That was...

time was, the script was a way to help well-educated profssionals avoid skipping the boring, but important, questions involved in isolating the problem.
my question i when "they" decided that the script was more important than the professionals

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"They" don't care about the customer

by jmgarvin In reply to another good idea FUBAR

Tech support is there to make it look like they care. Most companies see tech support as a loss center that they HAVE to have to keep the consumers coming back.

The reality is good tech support goes a LONG way to GAINING customers.

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Wouldn't that be a

by Lost_one In reply to another good idea FUBAR


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