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TechProGuild Feedback Forum: John Sheesley

Welcome to my TechProGuild Feedback Forum! What are we going to discuss here? You tell me. Windows Server 2003... NetWare... Linux... Professional Wrestling... The Presidential Election... (Not to confuse the two.)

You pick the topic, and we'll talk about.

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Too Generally Targeted

Ah! I see what you're saying now... and yes, I did leave out a very important part of that Welcome message... it wasn't meant to have been a Generic Welcome To The Discussions message.

Rather, it was a welcome to my own personal message thread. A small discussion thread, or lack of a better word - forum, where members can interact directly with a senior editor on any topic.

That's why my particular name is in the topic. Other editors, such as Senior Editor Jim Wells, are also going to be starting little discussion threads along the same lines.

With our regular duties, admittedly the senior editors dont always have or take the time to see what you all are discussing here in the forums. So, we thought it would be a good idea for some of the editors to maintain a personal thread where TechRepublic Members and TechProGuild subscribers both would be guaranteed that we would occasionally stick our noses into -as you can see by the back and forth banter we're having here.

Does that make more sense?

John Sheesley
Senior Editor

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to Too Generally Targeted

Now I see said the blind man.

That makes much more sense.

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Making sense

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Fair enough

Just because I'm an editor, it doesn't always mean that I choose the right words all of the time. :)

Besides, I was an Information Systems Major anyway.

Glad we got THAT cleared up though Oz!

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So you want comment on the Presidential Election?

by antipodes In reply to TechProGuild Feedback For ...

Come November, with any luck, the worst president in America's history will probably be replaced by a candidate who will quite likely turn out to be the second worst president in America's history.

I pity Americans who have to choose between a proven incompetent president, and a potentially incompetent president.

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I did ask for it, didn't I?

That's as may be, but there's no doubting the fact that Ric Flair was a much better World Champion than Hulk Hogan. At least as far as ring work went.

Or did I mean that NetWare was a much better network operating system than Windows NT? Ummm... something like that...

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Rick who???????

by pctech In reply to I did ask for it, didn't ...

Rick Flair was a big ol sissy! I ain't never seen him rip his shirt to shreds before climbing into de ring!

As for GW, all I have to say is that I have NO doubt that I have a higher IQ than he and I KNOW I'm not smart enough to be the leader of this nation. ........... Come to think of it, he did campaign on his not being too bright and that he would surround himself with more able people. .... What happened to that?

Yeah! Rick Flair was a big ol sissy!

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It's Ric!

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Rick who???????

First of all, it's Ric Flair. Show some respect to the Nature Boy.

Second, to be the man, you've gotta beat the man.


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Great analogy

by Oz_Media In reply to Rick who???????

Well comparing the incapability of the president of the United States to Rick Flair vs Hulk Hogan is just a great comparisson I think. It really shows the true mentality one must have when choosing the next wannabe leader of the free world.

Quite honestly I don't pity you at all, Americans take their politics to heart and feel very accountable personally for the presidential actions, only in the USA.

Last night I TRIED to bring up Canada's election while hanging out with a few friends and a few cold beers. It lasted a whole 35 seconds with the general feeling being "Who gives a crap, it doesn't matter who you vote for, they are all empty promises that change once in office and you can't do squat about it then. Very much like the crap GB has thrown and people STILL stood behind him for the longest time as if he was going to come through in the end. Give up, you are lied to, mislead and then BS'd some more for four years. It doesn't matter what the crocodile smiles say approaching the election, once in office it all changes, the lies flow and we wait until the guy is voted out or impeached before the truth of what really hapened can surface.

I don't see how you can all take it so seriously, it doesn't matter who you vote in, they say one thing and do another.

When you have a choice between a loser and an idiot, what can you expect anyway?

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Flair (NetWare) vs. Hogan (Windows)

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Great analogy

A much more apt analogy would be comparing NetWare and Windows to Flair and Hogan.

Both of the former had long storied careers and had their greatest successes in the 80's. Both were more technically adept than their rival, but were mostly overlooked due to media and market hype. I mean, seriously, who could compare the Leg Drop Of Doom to the Figure Four Leglock for a finisher?

Eventually, the media and hype won out. The previous post pointed that out. When people think wrestling, usually they think Hulk Hogan. When people think network operating systems, they think Windows NT (and its successors).

Flair wound up extending his career by going to work for the WWE. He either had to go work in the Land Of Hulkamania or retire into the sunset. By sticking with Triple H, he's at least trying to hold on to his past glories. By going the Linux route, Novell hasn't gone completely into the Windows camp, but they are abandoning the NetWare kernel in the process. At the same time, breathing new life into the company while NTMania continues to run wild.

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Novell coming on strong, Windoze weakening

by Oz_Media In reply to Flair (NetWare) vs. Hoga ...

he market in my area is becoming Netwaer driven, we are so close to redmond and everyone despises MS and their pathetic business practices, so they are being left behind here as everyone is seeking alternatives now.

I have removed Windows from four different organizations now to be completely rebuilt with Netware Linux, BOY ARE THEY EVER HAPPY WITH IT TOO! These companies can't believe they were sucked into Windoze solutions, less stability, higher staff costs (lower wages per tech but moretechs needed), thousands and thousands of dollars in downtime (GONE), A buggy and heavily exploted NOS, etc. etc. etc. there are tonnes of resons people here have run screaming from MS products. Now in the US this may be different as companies such as MS are accepted, that style of guerilla business doesn't fair well in Canada, even WalMart struggles here and is denied business licences in major cities due to past unethical business practices, we don't suport such bullying and exploitation from companies like that (generally protected by capitalist laws).

SO Windoze is NOT the flavour of choice here anymore, in fact people are begging for new systems and throwing out unstable and expensive MS garbage, let them make joysticks and kids games.

Europe is also on the Netware bandwagon, Germany has removed ALL MS systems in the governm,ent and is now using Novell Linux, several European banks, airports and other public services have all switched to Netware.

So while MS may still hold market share for the time being, companies outside the US are quickly looking to jump ship and get something that works.

When I ws thinking of which certs to get, my employer said to choose something that we would use in house. I selected Novell for several reasons:
1) future development
2) they ONLY build a NOS and do it better than most others
3) stability and security
4) MUCH higher payscale as a MCNE than MCSE
5) less work MUCH less work (in fact I often refer to Netware admin as being a Maytag man)
6) It is less expensive and requires less power server side, I have one client running 200 seats, GroupWise Email, a NEAX PBX VoIP system and SPAM protection from an old P3 733MHz server (avg. 8% utilization).

So there are MANY reasons to use Novell, and I have yet to see a single reason to recommend MS instead.

I liken Microsnot to Millie Vanillie (am I dating myself now?). A poser with lots of hype that wasn't actually doing anything that anyone else couldn't do better.

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