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Welcome to my TechProGuild Feedback Forum! What are we going to discuss here? You tell me. Windows Server 2003... NetWare... Linux... Professional Wrestling... The Presidential Election... (Not to confuse the two.)

You pick the topic, and we'll talk about.

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Pretty much

by TomSal In reply to So you want comment on th ...

Yep..well some of us Americans are hoping someone better than Bush or Kerry will take up the fight for president at the last minute.....

In fact right now I'm praying very hard that someone like Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears runs for office.

Hey, the current line of presidents have already been either incompetent, immoral or simply without a clue...might as well have a president who's nice to look at.

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Pretty much

Jessica Simpson seems about as bright as GW Bush...

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My suspicion...

by JamesRL In reply to Yep... that she is not as stupid as she is portrayed. I think the whole "chicken of the sea" thing is a put on cause it gets attention and viewers.

Its just a theory. Suzanne Somers wasn't the dumb blonde she portrayed either.


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by TomSal In reply to My suspicion...

I was under the same line of thought myself James, but recently (which is to say the last week) I was channel surfing one boring night at home and Jessica's husband, Nick (forget his last name), actually said in an interview that she is pretty much a ditsy gal..he then added something like "...but sometimes she'll say something out of nowhere that is profound".

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So what now

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually....

We are giving Nick credit as a sensible and somewhat intelligent human being too?

Pot calling the kettle black.

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Give her some credit!

by Oz_Media In reply to Yep...

Although she is neither a rare specimen of beauty nor a bright one, but to reduce her to the mentality of the US president is low for even a ****** bag like Jessica.

If GWB had a brain he would pull it out and play with it. If he had any credibility he lie and say he didn't have any. If he had the American public's best intentions in mind, he'd simply step down and let someone else take over.

You only have a couple of morons to choose from, neither have any credibility so as long as you get someone different it will at aleast remain entertaining to watch American politics for a few more years. Get out the kaliope, send in the clowns, America is electing a new one.

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That does it...

by TomSal In reply to Give her some credit!

I'm gonna fire up my old version of Visual Basic 4, write a little piece of code to randomly pick who I'll vote for this year.

That way I can blame it on "Technical Issues" when the guy I voted for screws up.

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Better than feeling responsible

by Oz_Media In reply to That does it...

I have actually seen people post here that they are responsible for who runs America, that they will follow that person regardless because they voted for him etc.

What a crock, did you vote for the guys BS? Did you vote for lies and deception? NO. You voted because he was skillful, or his speech writers were, at convincing you he was sincere.

When will people learn, flip a friggin coin and forget about BUSH, you can't really do worse, even if you can't find better. YUP, Democracy, choose who will be the best for your country, then find out he was full of lies and BC just like all the other idiots who ran against him.

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Oz you really need to seak professional mental help for your hatert

by JimHM In reply to Give her some credit!

You know in Canada you can get Professional Mental health for that hatred of Bush you carry.

You got to explain that to us stupid American why do you care - maybe we should just turn you into the RCMP or Interpol for such hatred that you may harm my president...

You need help dude ... big time ... seek it out - call your local mental health professional - its getting to be to big a part of your life... get over it - you live in Canada -

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by Oz_Media In reply to Oz you really need to sea ...

So I can be as mentally stable as yourself?

PLease do call teh RCMP, they will only agree with me anyway. Interpol, well one of your next presidents will probably seek to remove interpol as soon as it doesn't agree with the US adgenda.

I didn't spout HATRED for Bush here, just that he is a clown and belongs in the circus with all the other politicians who fool the public in to electing them. Are you now trying to suggest that you have viable candidates and honest politicians or are you still keeping your head in the sand and pretending nothing happened?

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