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Welcome to my TechProGuild Feedback Forum! What are we going to discuss here? You tell me. Windows Server 2003... NetWare... Linux... Professional Wrestling... The Presidential Election... (Not to confuse the two.)

You pick the topic, and we'll talk about.

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LOL Jim...yep yep

by TomSal In reply to Oz you really need to sea ...

I agree .... I think *ahem* SOMEONE here doesn't really like Bush that much or Americans all that much.

Funny I was just born here, if my parents had not lived here there is a great chance I probably would not be in this country either. But being a child I kinda of needed to live with my folks for silly things like shelter, food and clothing.

That aside, through the years I've grown quite fond of being an American. So everyone who hates this country -- um...cry me a river, but please keep it down I'm watching TV. Oh yeah the next time you come over my house and you park your yugo next to my monster truck I'm gonna run it over. What do I want for dinner? about a pound of bacon in a tub of lard with some cheese fries on the side, no we don't need napkins I have some old Canadian and British flags left over from that yard sale my buddy had the other week. Damn its cold in here -- where are those baby seal fur coats I ordered already!


Like America is the only country with slobs in it, the only country with wasteful people, the only country that ever lies in politics, the only country with losers... PUHLEEZE!

Get off it already ...we aren't all like that.

Neither are folks of other countries.

Its certain PEOPLE not certain COUNTRIES.

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Someone needs some comprehension classes

by Oz_Media In reply to LOL Jim...yep yep

Well Tom, you sure had your little paddy, feel good?

Ok, well who here is saying the US is the only country that needs to be more aware of the environment? I have a 4X4 with a hefty Rancho lift and a 351 gas guzzler. I also LOVE meat, steakand potatoes all the way. I despise Euro buggies but that all has nothing to do with rpesevring wildlife and not killing seals. You are stereotyping others in the exact same way that YOU feel they are stereoty[ing you.

I don't dislike Americans, I have said MANY times, I have worked in America, hired employees in America, ran a business in America and sell thousands of CD's in American stores. So no, it's not America I dislike, but if it make you feel better, I can talk about buring your flag too, I mean it's only a friggin' flag, colors on silk or polyester.

GWB caused more world strife than anyone in my lifetime has, he is the hitler of my lifetime, so far. He has lied to deceived and harmed more Americans than anyone I have ever seen in my life.

Now if I was an American myself, I would be livid that one man can place my country in harms way, cause the rest of the world to hate my country and spit upon strategic alliances only to turn and ask for their help a year later, all because it works for him at that monent.

To top all this off, the Harvard grad that has grown up surrounded by milti-millionaires and fed with a silver spoon, then has the audacity to say he is one of the people, for the people. WHAT A FARCE!!!
I would see everyone on the block getting out the pitchforks and torches to go and lynch the guy.

In the USA, he has such devoted followers that he is actually SUPPORTED through all this megalomania. Haven't you guys learned yet, that ALL politicians in ALL countries just plain SUCK. They are liars and con men who namaged to squirm their way into controlling positions and soon after they are replaced all the REAKL facts are aired and the person is found to be a liar, a cheat and an idiot. Yet you guys put your pride in your president, no other country's still actually believe that politicians are in it for the people, with all the scandal surrounding US politics, how can you not all see this too? Why do you CARE about your politicians or even feel somewhat responsible for what they doo in office? They lied to get there, do you actuallly think they are going to do what they proposed to?

Never have, never will, and yet you all retain hope that the next one will. It's futile, give up and live your lives already, F-K the President, let him sit in his office and do paperwork all day and don't play to the spotlight. They thrive on public appreciateion and will do whatever it takes, including BS'ing you to stay in it.

Once the spotlight is just a candle to read by, they settle down and run the country.

if someone like Saddam actually DID pose a threat to someone, the Allied forces would create a combined effort to see no harm is inflicted upon another. NO need to single handedly play Lone Ranger and place your country and it's citizens in harms way.


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HONESTLY it's a typo

by Oz_Media In reply to LOL Jim...yep yep

PUBIC servants (as fitting as it may be) should have read PUBLIC servants.

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See what happens when it controls you mind

by JimHM In reply to LOL Jim...yep yep

See what happens when it controls and is in your head every minute - Public become Pubic - Bush - no the other bush..

Ha -

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by TomSal In reply to LOL Jim...yep yep

I had to post to my own post because of the silly way this forum is setup (which I always thought was dumb).

Hmmm...*hands you a bottle of ice water and a towel* you done your tantrum mate?

Seriously though as much as it pains me *blood spurts out my eye sockets* I must say you are right on some things. Hey I know politicians are gods of righteousness when only compared to lawyers, I know they are full of it. Of course I also know its not a US trait for US only politicians and that was the basis of my first post - but then I know I'm horrible at explaining myself, perhaps it was my bad.

All politians are liars in my book...I don't care what language they speak, what skin tone they have or what flag they salute.

On the flag thing...yep I agree again its just a flag.

Steak and potatoes -- I can't get enough...pass the A-1 (its how steak is done you know?).

To me, it SOUNDED like slamming on America -- while I'm open-minded and try to see everyone's point...after you hear the same rant for the 18th billionth time, it does get to the point of a bit annoying. Everyone does it.

I may be a little blind , since I am American, to SOME of the reasons why we are hated...but not to all...I do understand the wasteful use of resources, the "oh the US is playing world cops again" thing, and the like.

I just wish people would be more understanding in some things like...if you are going to hate US politics - don't kill US citizens over it (either verbally or literally) -- we can vote but we don't control what they do. After they are in, as citizens we can do little (yeah right protest? HAHAHAHAH Besides I can't spend time doing that when I need to work to support myself -- unless someone wants to pay my bills and buy me food.)

Oz! Good one man, nothing personal I hope...*lifts up a frosty one to you*


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by Hargerd In reply to LOL Jim...yep yep


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Britney Spears (Windows) vs. Madonna (NetWare)

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Pretty much

Wait... that analogy doesnt work as well as the Flair vs. Hogan one...

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Too Young

by TheChas In reply to Pretty much

Sorry, both of your choices are too young to be accepted for the office of President.

Per the constitution, a Presidential candidate needs to be at least 35 years old, and a native born citizen of the US.

So, even though there is not a lot of maturity in the present candidates, they do need to be at least physically mature.


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Constitutional Requirements for Prez

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Too Young

TheChas has a point there... unless Senator Orrin Hatch's proposed constitutional amendment to allow foreign born citizens who have been here for 20 years to run for Prez gets some support. Some have referred to it as the Schwarzenegger Amendment.

I think we'll see Reagan on the $10 bill first.

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Who cares

by Oz_Media In reply to Constitutional Requiremen ...

GWB lied to get into office didn't he?

Apparently he wasn't arrested for drunk driving, cocaine use, B&E or whatever that was etc. UNTIL he was in office and the paperwork surfaced of course, was he impeached? Of course not, he's Republican and can do no wrong, even when he does wrong.

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