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TechRepublic are effing spammers

By geert-jan.thomas ·
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Your site TechRepublic appears legit and actually contains useful information. However you keep sending me multiple emails per day with all kinds of updates and summaries. All emails offer very clear instructions of how to get rid of them but it only results in a nice confirmation of my unsubscribing followed shortly by the next batch of crap.

And yes I'm crossposting this on as many boards as possible. Hopefully google will pick it up.

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Did you consider e-mailing the TR staff instead of throwing a tantrum?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to TechRepublic are effing s ...

Sometimes it takes a day for the subscriptions to stop. Click on "My Newsletters" again, uncheck the messages you don't want to receive, and this time be sure you scroll to the bottom and click "Update my account".

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If you don't want 'em, don't ask for 'em!

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to TechRepublic are effing s ...

If you left the check boxes checked when you created your account, then you'll get newsletters and alerts.
Also, If you someday reply to a question or add to a discussion and check "notify me via email when new posts are added...' you will get alerts.

Put accountability where it should be.... on your own shoulders. Don't blame TR for doing the job the rest of us regular members have requested them to do. Instead, pay closer attention when you join a forum and participate in it!

The rest of us will continue to value the daily alerts and newsletters we selected and enjoy the fact that we can easily stop them if we choose.

Remember, you can always remove your member profile all together. I doubt you'll be missed.

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I'll clarify

by geert-jan.thomas In reply to TechRepublic are effing s ...

I have unchecked all the newsletters in my account. I have clicked the update button. I have done that for the first time about 2 weeks ago. And about 4-5 times again afterwards but the flood just won't stop.
What is a reasonable time for such a thing to take effect?
I could delete my account but I do find the site rather useful otherwise so I'll stick around a little longer :)

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Try Contacting TR

by rkuhn In reply to I'll clarify

I've been a member for almost 6 years now and they've always been good.

I definitely wouldn't call TR a spammer. I'm pretty sure there must be some kind of misunderstanding.

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Maybe he's not using Windows.

by Absolutely In reply to Try Contacting TR

Perhaps his open source software has a
virus, or his Apple Macintosh software
hasn't passed a rigorous QA process.

I'm pretty sure there must be
some kind of misunderstanding.

How "pretty" are you, really?

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Can you not

by Genera-nation In reply to I'll clarify

block via your mail client / ISP / server?

I use an ISP that lets you set your own blacklists!

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I've never had this problem

by jmgarvin In reply to I'll clarify

Are you sure you are clicking update after you uncheck the boxes?

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and the subscribed forums such as this one?

by Neon Samurai In reply to I'll clarify

I'm only getting one email a day or so from TR notifying me of forum updates. I also get the odd email from another TR reader which come in under "message from another tech republic member". Your flood of email is not either of these?

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by Genera-nation In reply to TechRepublic are effing s ...

And if they persist report them as a spammer to the appropriate authorities!!

Spammers can get huge fines these days!!!

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I can help you

by Beth Blakely In reply to TechRepublic are effing s ...

I've logged in to your account. You seem to be unsubscribed from everything except the updates to this thread.

When/if you receive another email, send it directly to me at beth.blakely at That will help us figure out where the mail originated.

Are you sure you don't have multiple accounts on TR? That is a common problem we've seen.

In the future, if you have any problems, please feel free is email me directly. In addition, there is a "Site Help & Feedback" link at the bottom of most TR pages. You can also find assistance there.

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