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TechRepublic editors need opinions on new quick-start guides

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Several members have expressed the need for primers (quick start-type guides) that summarize essential information allowing them to quickly familiarize themselves with a specific topic. A team of editors is working to test publishing just such a file, but in order to make these guides as helpful as we can, we need your feedback. While these files will ultimately live on TechProGuild, we will make some of them available for a short period to all TechRepublic members.

Based on what we've heard in the past, the first topic we're going to develop an alpha version for is Windows XP Professional Security. After brainstorming, editors here think it makes the most sense to include the following elements: overview, planning, setup & configuration, troubleshooting, optimizing, and a glossary. We're also creating an interactive checklist you can use. It highlights common actions IT pros should take to secure WinXP Pro environments.

How well might such a completed tool work for you? And, would you be willing to review an alpha version when we publish it? If you're interested in participating, please e-mail me at

Thanks much,

Erik Eckel
TechRepublic Executive Editor

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RE: Please add me to the list

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Please add me to the list


Thanks for your interest. I'll be sure to post a link here once the template is ready mid-week next week. We'll only be publishing an alpha version, as we'll be relying upon reader feedback to flesh out the guide.


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Quick Start Guide Reviewers

by oshwick In reply to TechRepublic editors need ...

I find Quick Start Guides useful and would be happy to get in on the early feedback reviews also.

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RE: Quick Start Guide Reviewers

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to Quick Start Guide Reviewe ...


Thanks for your interest. Please be sure to check back soon, as I'll post a link here reviewers can use to access the alpha.


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The Alpha is ready!

The Alpha version of our security guide for Windows XP is ready for download and evaluation! When we first looked at the topic, we wound up with about 100 pages worth of content.

We thought it would be a good idea to break it down into smaller sections, so that's what we did. We broke down Windows XP security into these areas:

? Group Policy
? File and printer sharing
? Encrypting files
? Firewalls
? Wireless
? Desktop security
? Viruses, Worms, and Spyware

We decided to release the viruses portion first. Download it, take a look, and let us know what you think.**.html

John Sheesley
Senior Editor

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Alpha link for non TechProGuild members

by Erik Eckel Contributor In reply to The Alpha is ready!

Non TechProGuild members may download the alpha version of our first Windows XP Security TechProGuide, which covers viruses, worms and spyware, using this link (note, you'll have to cut and paste it into your browser):

Please give it a try and forward your feedback to

Many thanks,


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