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TechRepublic's Frayed Edges

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Despite what some of our more critical members may think, TechRepublic is well aware that certain aspects of our Web site don't exactly conform to the highest ideals of the optimal user experience (to say the least). Well, we're out to change that.

Here's the deal: We need you to take your best shot at TechRepublic.

I'm looking for a laundry list of every broken feature, every counter-intuitive design, every single institutional annoyance that has driven you crazy since you've been a member at TechRepublic. Problems unsubscribing? Difficulty finding the FAQ? Trouble reading small fonts? Let me know. Once we've documented all of TR's frayed edges, I'm making it my personal mission to get these problems repaired, or removed and improved in future TR redesigns.

So, ladies and gentlemen, start your criticisms!

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Another one!

by jdclyde In reply to You asked for it, make yo ...

After you reach the max level in a discussion, it is really silly to have to scroll up to the previous level and reply to something so far away.

Reached max level? Just throw the next reply to the end at that level. Put the button back in, instead of the "reached max level" note.

Also, the max level really should be at least one more level deep.

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We could also use

by Old Guy In reply to You asked for it, make yo ...

spell check. Please, Please, Please.

(Actually, I'm just giving you a hard time JD-all in fun.:) )

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me three!

by gadgetgirl In reply to We could also use

made that point in my post, too.....

need one especially for jd and Oz!!


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oy vey

by apotheon In reply to me three!

I don't know how anyone can think JD is in the same class as Oz. Oz needs a spellcheck more than just about anyone -- at least anyone that has something worthwhile to say from time to time.

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Excellent, thanks, but did you mean COUNTRY, not COUNTY ...

by Jim-MN In reply to You asked for it, make yo ...

... to be added to our Profiles?


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yes do

by OnTheRopes In reply to You asked for it, make yo ...

what jdclyde said though I'm not too sure about the dunce cap thing.

You did read his entire post, right?

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by Cactus Pete In reply to TechRepublic's Frayed Edg ...

Forgive me for duplicates, if any. I'm sure that can only strengthen your case...

1. Allow more space for topic titles, or force them to comply to a specific length. This way the writing won't overlap the background so we can't read it.

2. Defaults on a serverside cookie. I want to be able to have certain defaults on my settings no matter where I log in. I should be able to customize EVERYTHING - colors, screen size, discussion topics, etc.

3. Close and rank questions.

4. TR points... Why again? At least let us play poker with them. I promise not to bully the table (too much).

5. Bring back what we liked about the old TR - summaries, recent questions lists, etc.

6. Set navigation buttons so I always have them in my screen.

7. I don't have access to TRI... Guess I didn't give much feedback for a while there...

8. Make the screens less "busy"

9. When I post to a discussion , bring me back to the last viewed posting.

10. Allow for a point spread in Q&A. Where someone may not have given me 100% of the answer, perhaps they gave me 80%, and someone else tipped me off to what was missing... A 1 to 5 scale may suffice...

11. Spellcheck (regional) Some of us need this more than others.

12. Client side cookies - I should be able to optimize my home PC view for its settings (perhaps that display is shared with my kids, so I keep a lower resolution) but at work, I like a high res screen. This will mean you have to put more thought into the layout (multiple versions) but I'm sure you could reward the hgih res users with more ads... (blasphemy!)

13. I want to ignore some users. Every post they make, every thread they start... Make this a collapsed entry with a flag that I ignored it. I may choose to expand that thread after all, but mostly I don't care. I should have the choice.

14. Why do we use the keywords? Let me get a summary of my favorite keywords so I don't miss those topics, and let them rank higher in my list of recent posts (or where ever) than others without my favorite keywords.

15. Contests. There used to be some mugs, other gear given out... That drove a lot of participation, as I recall. Maybe you don't give out real items all the time, but some of the funky TRpoints might please some people...

I'll post more later as I think of them.

But let me say this: The positive changes have not gone unnoticed. Thanks to you all for your obvious hard work and care for this medium.

(for example, I like being able to edit the post for typos!)

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by Cactus Pete In reply to OK...

And why do we allow even TR workers to post more than 5 times a minute?!?!

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Peer Product Review

by Cactus Pete In reply to UGH

Don't let users spam the discussion list!

Also, perhaps we should be able to select more than one topic for a post...

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Cross-over topics

by jdclyde In reply to Peer Product Review

like Security on Windows? (yes, I laugh as I type that....)

Multiple keys to classify the discussions AND questions is a GREAT idea! But ESPECIALLY for the Questions as some members will look just by the topic.

Good idea.

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