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By Ciderick ·
I have noticed there are 2 distinct kinds of tech people...

Set 1 are the people who have really old PCs at home & devote love & energy into keeping them alive.

Set 2 are the ones with the latest Carlos Fandango bleeding edge PCs at home.

Which sort are you?

I personally have a dual SLI rig with 2 7900GTX graphics cards, 2Gig ram, 1 terrabye raid array running off an AMD FX-62 processor plus an older 64bit 3600 that I use as a media server (I am so 2nd set)...

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First Set...

by Ciderick In reply to 3rd Set??

The keyboard gives you away...

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I'm in 3rd set, too

by sMoRTy71 In reply to 3rd Set??

I have about 4 machines in use (with a few more just collecting dust). None of them are cutting edge anymore.

I think the tops in terms of specs might be my 3 year-old media center PC which has a 2.8 P4, 1GB RAM, 760GB storage (160+300+300), Radeon 9800XT 256MB video, Sound Blaster Audigy 2. I use it to record OTA HDTV content (and stream it to my XBOX 360 in the "manroom") and watch movies ripped to the HDDs. It is also connected directly to a 26" HDTV in my bedroom.

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4th Set?

by DMambo In reply to 3rd Set??

My wife and kids use the PC at home, a middle of the road Acer something or other with no mods since she got it 2 1/2 years ago. I have little use for a home PC, and if I need to do something, I use my work laptop.

After 8 or 10 hours at work, I'd rather watch a Red Sox game, or even do some non-screen activity (gasp!) than sit in front of a PC.

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4th, Ditto.

by adeal In reply to 4th Set?

After spending so much time every day on the things, it's not an adventure any more, just a job. Every time I look at a PC, I think of work, so I don't play on them any more. I still rely on two old Sony PCG-N505VX laptops (128 megs of RAM max) as a server/VPN and workstation. Can't beat the size, and I don't mess around with them, so never have problems. I use "target" machines to test anything I'm not sure of. So many machines, so little time. Consulting has become my thing.

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Seeking Sony N505VX Help

by dr.pub06 In reply to 4th, Ditto.

(I apologize if this post is misplaced. Don't have the lay of the
land yet.)

I have a Sony PCG-N505VX (128MB, 6GB) that has become
somewhat unfriendly (strange WiFi behaviour, etc.). I think the
time has come for a fresh OS - either reinstall Win98SE or XP. (I
have XP Pro licenses available.) I use the machine for Word/
Office+web at meetings a dozen hours a week. Networking -
WiFi and wired - with my home network a priority (these days it
is sneaker-net, and it has only ever been willing to talk to
exactly one particular USB memory stick).

I'm thinking XP, FAT32, but I don't know if the installation is
likely to work. I guess I'll redo 98SE if needed, but I'm
concerned about no longer getting MS patches for all the
security holes.

I notice adeal is running a couple of these machines. Someone
else might have suggestions.

Thanks very much.


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David here is OK

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Seeking Sony N505VX Help

As for running XP you would have to run it as a Minimal Install as the Full install of just XP uses about 6 GIG of HDD Space. Also 128 MEG of RAM will work but it's going to be painful and slow so I really would recommend keeping 98 installed but if you simply must have XP use a NTFS partition as it will give you more usable HDD Space to work with.

With a FAT 32 Partition you get a lot of Slack or Wasted Space that you simply do not get on a NTFS Partition.

With XP installed it's going to be slow and you'll have problems even installing the extra software that is required and you'll have very little storage space left for data if if was me I would be using 98SE on it.


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So...what you're saying is...

by vanessaj In reply to 4th Set?

all your posts are done on "work time" (not unlike the rest of us)?

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Vanessa it is the old balance of worklife vs homelife

by j.lupo In reply to So...what you're saying i ...

Didn't you know that? Work time is for anything IT. Home time is for ME!

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I'm with ya'll

by 20905402864666492152529682118478-paadams In reply to 4th Set?

After working on them all day i don't even want to look at one when i get home. mines at least 4 years old, P4 1.7ghz. I use it to pay bills online and thats about it, and half the time I do that at work on my laptop. I'll agree with a baseball game, but i'm an Astros fan.

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3rd Set again

by JulesLt In reply to 3rd Set??

My last PC was as cutting edge as I could afford at the time, then maintained with regular upgrades (disk capacity quadrupled, and ended it's life with a second graphics card with DVI).

My current : I stepped down to a Mac Mini; a lower spec but more modern machine. My storage is now largely external - I'll be getting a NAS as soon as the price falls further. Main reasons : I realised I didn't need a high power machine, as 80% of my home use is web-surfing.
Our main PC tech at work uses a shuttle form machine too.

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