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By Ciderick ·
I have noticed there are 2 distinct kinds of tech people...

Set 1 are the people who have really old PCs at home & devote love & energy into keeping them alive.

Set 2 are the ones with the latest Carlos Fandango bleeding edge PCs at home.

Which sort are you?

I personally have a dual SLI rig with 2 7900GTX graphics cards, 2Gig ram, 1 terrabye raid array running off an AMD FX-62 processor plus an older 64bit 3600 that I use as a media server (I am so 2nd set)...

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yes, 3rd set here too

by andrew.moore In reply to 3rd Set??

Nothing too fancy but I ramped it up with 1 gig of RAM and a nifty graphics card (Wildcat Relizm 800)

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Not sure which set

by ghstwolf In reply to 3rd Set??


Current machine: PCI express, twin nVidia 7800 GTX 256 Mbyte video cards; 4 Gbytes memory, Intel Pentium dual-core extreme @ 3.2 Ghz; mirrored 250 Gbyte hard drives, etc. etc.

Archive machine: Fry's GC, AMD Athlon 2600+, 256 Mbytes memory, onboard video - used only for sharing files in home LAN; 3 external 250 Gbyte fireware drives attached

Testbed: Hyperthreaded Intel IV; 512 Mbytes memory, nVidea GEforce card of some kind (not turning it on to find out); front-loading cartidges for hard drives containing various versions of Linux, Solaris x86; used for my job
(I work from home)

Compaq portable 286 - working; legacy machine that I keep for Win95 programs and games that I still enjoy

IBM PC XT; Dos 6.2 - same as compaq

Brace yourself: Radio Shack RRS model II, still working; same as above - keeping it for the apps and games that run on it - uses a casette storage system; no floppy drives

So... which category does that put me in?

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Typo - should be *TRS* Model II

by ghstwolf In reply to Not sure which set :P

Plus, I'm seriously thinking of having Tap Plastics custom-fit a fish tank inside of the TRS; there's room behind the area where the floppy drives would go if it had any

Whacha all think? Keep it because it works, or convert it to a fishtank?


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I am with you

by jazzy5 In reply to Not sure which set :P

I still have my first original PC. Of course I have upgraded so many time is not the same anymore. It started as a 486 Mhz and 4 Meg of memory. Thru the years I have upgrade with CD-Rom, sound card. Then I new motherboard with a 350 Mhz AMD, then a 400 and last a 500 Mhz. That is how far the motherboard will go. But upgraded the CD-rom to a Kenword multi bean (7) added a TDK burner, a Creative Sound Card with front inputs, 512 Meg of memory and NVidia Gforce 256. Still use it for internet, games, and my wife accounting job for a private company.

I just bought my wife a new laptop, a HP Windows Media 17" screen. My old HP printer die. Bought a new USB Cannon printer which the old computer had problem working with the USB so decided to buy the laptop.

My daughter had a old Compaq 266 Mhz the my wife boss gave it to me because it was broken. Repair it and my daughter use it for a couple of years until it had a fit with her IPod. So I bought her a new Apple laptop, but the old Compaq still works , just don't know what to do with it.

BTW, my computer is home made with an AMD 2000+ chip, a Sony DVD burner, a Nvidia 6600GT video card and 768 Meg a memory. The only problem I have is a want to upgrade to the latest, so I am waiting for Windows Vista, Quad chip from AMD, and the latest Nvidia video card.

So I can not get rid of my old PC's but I also want to have the latest in PC. I have Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP pro and XP Media Center and Apple OS X Panther. I use them old for new and old games. So...which category does that put me in?

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You must be a gamer

by JamesRL In reply to Techs Home PCs

So its a different rig.....

My factory refurb is a AMD 3200+, with 1GB of RAM (upgrade), X1600 with 256MB (Upgrade), Wireless mouse (upgrade), and a SB Audigy 2 (upgrade).

I did have an X850 XT, which was faster, but it ran way too hot. The X1600 I have has an Artic Cooler GPU/memory cooler which is more stable.

You must have more disposable income - a big factor too. To me the SLI rig, the FX 62 etc are beyond the best Value curve. You sir, are what I sued to call a goodie monster. Gotta have all the best toys - am I right? My wife thinks I am that way but I am not really. I shop carefully, wait till things are on sale.


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Not all gamers need SLI or Bleeding edge

by fungus-among-us In reply to You must be a gamer

equipment. I consider myself a gamer, since my system was assembled with that in mind.
I'm running an Opteron 148 (2.2GHz) overclocked to 2.97GHz, 2GB Mushkin XP4000 DDR, 3dConnect X800GTO (BIOS modded for extra pipelines, and overclocked), 36GB Raptor as my OS drive, and 3 x 74GB Raptor in RAID 0. This is my main gaming system... which runs all versions of Battlefield (1942, Vietnam and 2). Until I get addicted to another game, or a new Battlefield version comes out that my videocard cannot play at max settings, I don't see the need for a new videocard at this time. I also have a Barton 2500 acting as a file/print server, a Pentium 4 - 2.4C that my fiance uses mainly for internet and light gaming, and a Pentium 3 - 800 that is my dedicated firewall box. On my network, I share a color laser (USB), a color inkjet (USB) and (hold on to your socks) a high speed DOT MATRIX printer (parallel). So based on my equipment, I fit both categories. Value DOES come into play... I don't need the newest CPU or Videocard. I am willing to overclock my components to squeeze every last bit of performance out of it and still get "the job done".

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Don't I know it.

by JamesRL In reply to Not all gamers need SLI o ...

I bought Battlefield 2 when I had a Pentium 1.4 with 512 MB or RAM and an FX5200 video card- the card is not officially supported but since it ran the demo ok, it ran the game ok as well, at least until the patches came out. I upgraded the video card to a used Radeon 9600 Pro (OC'd)and got marginally better performance.

The X850 XT I had in my new system was once the top card by the manufacturer, but that was 18 months ago - the value curve - so I paid $199 for it. Because it ran hot I won't try to OC it, even though I do know how, and its supported by my drivers.

Frankly it is all about balance. Right now, going to 2GB of RAM would make a big difference to me because of the way the game plays, but even with my middle of the road x1600 I can run at most settings at high.

That is one of the problems with buying Major brand equipment - they tend to have adequate cooling, and to OC you want better cooling. I could buy a new case.....

If all I did was surfing, a low end box would be fine. My son will inherit my old box.

Perhaps we should arrange a fragging match.


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Fragging is fun for all ages!!!!

by fungus-among-us In reply to Don't I know it.

Hey James,

I have not been able to "frag" anything in the past few months due to the many things that need to be done before I get "hitched" (Sept is right around the corner!). Perhaps after the "honeymoon" period has taken place, I can get back into the action! (Just downloaded Armored Forces!!!). BTW, the upgrade from 1GB to 2GB of RAM in Battlefield 2 made a HUGE difference.

I fully understand the heat issues with Overclocking components. I'm a big Zalman supporter. I have a 9500 for my CPU, and a VF700 for my Video. I also recently picked up a Lian-Li 1200Plus to house it all in. :)

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Jet 7

by Cely In reply to Fragging is fun for all a ...

I have a Coolermaster Jet 7 on my Barton... the cpu temperature dropped from 56C to 42C when I put it on.

With a drop in core temperature like that I'll definately be looking at the upgraded version for my next cpu upgrade. Apart from that it looks pretty good too.

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I hear you.

by Ciderick In reply to Not all gamers need SLI o ...

My old pc was an old 2.2GHz P4 overclocked to just over 2.8Ghz (Zalman water cooling) with an Nvidia 6800GTX overclocked to the edge of reason. It was a labour of love & when it got nicked I just lost all motivation to build my own again so I bought a prebuilt one (don't like to plug but I got it from & it is a very sturdy reliable machine for not a massive amount of cash so well done boys & they deserve the plug - they did a good job & credit where credit is due).

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