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By Ciderick ·
I have noticed there are 2 distinct kinds of tech people...

Set 1 are the people who have really old PCs at home & devote love & energy into keeping them alive.

Set 2 are the ones with the latest Carlos Fandango bleeding edge PCs at home.

Which sort are you?

I personally have a dual SLI rig with 2 7900GTX graphics cards, 2Gig ram, 1 terrabye raid array running off an AMD FX-62 processor plus an older 64bit 3600 that I use as a media server (I am so 2nd set)...

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Actually, based on your equipment

by Arkyn1 In reply to Not all gamers need SLI o ...

you are FIRMLY in the first category. Think about it, you use an entire COMPUTER for a FIREWALL... just about says it all, DM printer notwithstanding.

As for me, I also fit the first category. AMD 64 4000+ on an ASUS A8N32 SLI Deluxe mobo, 2GB RAM and 2TB hdd space, coupled with 2 16x12 DVD-DL burners, 2 GF7800GTXs in SLi mode, and a Creative X-Fi Platinum... the extra memory on the fatality and the top end model (forgot the name) are not used and therefore not useful to me. Watercooled, of course... Zalman Reserator 1+, with extra pump and water blocks for both video cards, and the CPU, keeps everything nice and cool. But I don't overclock, or rin a RAID array (RAID 0 is useless really, and RAID 1? I like having the space, instead of halving the space. So that puts the bag on 0+1 also...) I use a D-Link DWL-4300 gaming router (GB ethernet with CAT-6... gotta luv it!!)as my firewall/router, and Avast antivirus offers ample virus protection... and it's FREE!

It's amazing to me to find so many posts with people who apparently do not love their work, or at least, are not very interested in it. I'm a consultant also, but I got into it because I really like all of this tech, and I really like computers... and that was 20+ years ago (whoever it was with the TRS-II, I heartily salute you. Keep her running... still a good performer). So I will spend a lot on my systems, and I LIKE fixing them, and I also enjoy building and modifying them. It's not just "a job" to me, it's my choice of career and lifestyle. I guess it just goes to show that even now, there are still geeks, and suits... and never the twain shall meet.

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Smoothwall on a 386...

by Ciderick In reply to Actually, based on your e ...

Most reliable firewall ever!

(Does this put me in the other set here?)

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You are absolutely right...

by Ciderick In reply to You must be a gamer

It was a bad luck/good luck situation - my apartment got robbed (XBox 360 & my old PC, digital camera & a few other bits n bobs) - whilst I was gutted to have been robbed they left the raid array with most of my data on it & the insurance money paid for the new rig. Now I just need to replace the digicam & I'm all square.

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Middle of the Road Here, I think

by Almost_There In reply to Techs Home PCs

I've got 4 machines -- an old PIII, 500 MHz with 256 RAM and an old CRT, and old Mac and my most recent machine is a Toshiba Tablet with 1 gig of RAM. Nothing too sexy.

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Middle of Road too

by mscot69 In reply to Middle of the Road Here, ...

both of my machines at home are PIII's one is 500Mhz and the other is 450 or something like that, however, I have upgraded just about everything on them to about 750Mb RAM, Wireless network, with wireless keyboard mouse, XP pro OS, Audigy 2Zs Platinum Sound, I forget which Gforce video (middle upper end). the beauty thing for me is that I don't play games, I tend to use my system as my media center (aka, jukebox) for my 175Gb of Mp3s, plus I 'backup' my DVDs as well, I have the audigy patched into my home theater (Harmon Kardon receiver) for superior sound and am able to view on my Panasonic HD TV for easy surfing, chatting and e-mail from the comfort of my couch. Its great when friends are hanging out and someone asks that one question no one knows the answer to, just a quick Google search and I usually resolve the question within two minutes or less. My system does exactly what I want it to, anything more would be wasteful on my behalf. Total cost for both machines and upgrades? maybe $500 total out of pocket, the machines where originally work machines that were saved from the garbage bin, I've been moving and upgrading harddrives since my 333hz E-Machine from 1998. Not top of the line, but definitely a workhorse for my needs!

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by alexcoop In reply to Middle of Road too

Greetings and salutations,
are you serious 175G? prople think i'm insane because i've got a 72G collection.

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175??? Lightweight...

by Ciderick In reply to 175G?

At last count my MP3 collection was bordering on 1/2 a terrabyte (all legit, most of which from my own CDs - last count 3500 of them) - the files are large as I record everything at the highest possible bitrate (320). I know this is possibly unneccessary but if you have the space, why not?

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bit rate

by jdclyde In reply to 175??? Lightweight...

the AVERAGE person could not tell the difference of anything over 96, especially if listing to them on a standard work PC. I bump mine up one to 128. A good compromise of size to quality ration.

Only about 20 gigs for me. My boys listen to all of it and love it all.

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I think your site

by OnTheRopes In reply to 175G?

is definitely worth a surf. I'll be checking it out in more detail.

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Middle of the road, III

by sevenex In reply to Middle of the Road Here, ...

I have four PC's in my home network and a presently stand-alone. Only 2 have P4 technology with 1Gb RAM and above 2.6Ghz each, one with XP, the other with W2K. Another has 1Ghz with 1Gb RAM and I will soon upgrade the legacy 10Mbps and runs Win98SE. The fourth is a WinNT 4.0 server I rarely use and has MMX 233Mhz with 378Mb RAM, and yes, the CRT it has is rather old but still good and bought used in 94' (I'll use it until it smokes, goes dead, or both). The standalone is identical to the latter (these were the first two computers I built from motherboards I bought at a buck each, then built them up.) except it runs Win98SE. The nice thing about having all these is the ability to refresh my gray matter whenever I need to remind myself of how a particular version functions or navigates.
I use SpinRite 6 to keep all the HDs maintained.

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