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By Ciderick ·
I have noticed there are 2 distinct kinds of tech people...

Set 1 are the people who have really old PCs at home & devote love & energy into keeping them alive.

Set 2 are the ones with the latest Carlos Fandango bleeding edge PCs at home.

Which sort are you?

I personally have a dual SLI rig with 2 7900GTX graphics cards, 2Gig ram, 1 terrabye raid array running off an AMD FX-62 processor plus an older 64bit 3600 that I use as a media server (I am so 2nd set)...

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toys vs tools

by jdclyde In reply to Techs Home PCs

I am a set 1 because all my money went to a divorce and then the amusement of my twin boys.

My main system is an IBM thinkpad T20 (PIII 800).

My home pc is a PII 400 and does everything but play shooter games.

My "gaming" system is an AMD 1900 w/128 radon vid.

Sure, there are new games that we would like to play, but buying hunting gear, or going golfing seems like a much better investment than to sit in front of the computer?

Just got some used parts giving to me, to make a AMD2200, so both of the boys can play at the same time.

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Toys are tools.

by Ciderick In reply to toys vs tools

Yep, my PC is a gamer rig but I also use it for work where it pretty much rips through anything I give it to chew on (although admittedly a PII could probably rip through one of my spreadsheets). I like to think of it as a dual purpose tool which spends a lot of it's time masquerading as a toy.

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There is nothing wrong

by jdclyde In reply to Toys are tools.

with having toys. And it is fine to have cool tools, that are fun as well.

Just not as high on the priority list right now or I would have something more current. Twin boys means no "hand-me-downs".

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Okay I admit

by Tig2 In reply to Techs Home PCs

Partner has a duo core with the huge nVidia and every bell and whistle that HP could load on a 17 inch laptop.

I have a Dell D600 that I will be happy to give the boot to. Looking to acquire a Mac Intel core and boot camp it so that I can run my XP as well as the OS X it ships with.

I will be a VERY happy camper- OS X but unix under the hood, XP for my clients.


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Well I was bleeding edge for about three minutes.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Techs Home PCs

I upgraded from an AMD K6-550 with 1 meg of memory and a 30Gig HDD. It had an ATI Wonder card with 64 meg of ram. This is now a Linux machine.

I got an AMD fx-62 4200+; 2x 200 Gig SATA drives; 2 Gig of ram; ATI 850 PCI graphics with 256 of hispeed video ram and a 500 Gig Barracuda Scuzzy II back up. An Audigy sound card was included, don't ask me which version but it is adequate for my needs. I'm not a gamer but do a lot of graphics work which is why I added a 17" wide Epson eight colour printer which allows me to print out 11" X 14" or 16 x 20" photos while I'm having supper and will also yield me C size drawings. Originally I was going to get the 11" wide Epson but I was able to save so much on the box, that I could justify the additional cost for the printer. A few months later AMD started shipping dual core chips, so I slipped off the bleeding edge. It has a card reader and a dual layer 16X DVD drive, to which I added a second about a month ago.

When I'm buying a new box, I follow the principle of getting all I can, while I can. Oh yeah, one other item, I upgraded my old 20" Nec Multisync to a 21" 8ms LCD monitor which supports several levels of resolution but which I run at 1280 X 1024 most of the time. I'm not sitting in front of it at the moment so damned if I can remember the brand but Sharp seems to come to mind. The old NEC is on the linux box and is still a damn good monitor for being all of 13 years old.

As for laser printing, I'm still using my HP-4M which still works well and see no reason to upgrade to a colour laser just yet. Toner is quite expensive for those and the photo print quality, in comparison to an 8 or 6 colour ink jet, still leaves a lot to be desired.

I have no idea when I'll upgrade again but it won't be before I see the programs that will require it. To date, 64 bit software is not widely available and what is available isn't very good; witness 64 bit Windows XP.

As I said I'm not a gamer but I do watch movies. One of the browsers I use is Opera and the beta version of Opera 9 has Bittorrent included. This just happens to be the best beta version of any program I have ever seen and I have been testing and pishing it since the beginning of March.

Dawg ]:)

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Old but steady

by gralfus In reply to Techs Home PCs

Mine was out of date when I ordered the parts, but I needed a PC quickly to stay in school.

PIII, 866MHz
Radeon AIW
built-in audio

It sure isn't fast, but it is very stable.

My other beast is a cast-off PIII on which I run Debian Linux or Win98 (for an old flight sim) depending on which drive bay I put in.

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Im the second

by zlitocook In reply to Techs Home PCs

But I keep the old stuff for trying things out and for servers ect. I just built two new systems, one is a 3.6 Ghz, 800FSB, Two gig memory, two 500 gig drives. It supports SATA but I have yet to use the two drives yet.

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learning all I can, becoming a pack rat

by nick.bashford In reply to Techs Home PCs

While I'm still learning all I can about building a good running network I have a decent collection of computers. Here are a few of the computers:

HP Netserver LH3 - dual P3 600 - 512 ram - 12 18.2 GB drives, 2 are mirrored, 2 (5 drive) raid 5's

Dell PowerEdge 2500 - dual P3 933 - 1gb ram - 5 9.1 GB drives raid 5

Dell PowerEdge 2400 - P3 450 - 512 ram - 2 9.1gb mirrored drives

3 P3 933 compaq deskpro's each with 512 ram and anywhere from 20-250 gb drives.

and my main computer is an HP 1206n with an AMD64 3200, 1gb ram, 250 gb drive

so I would guess I'm in the middle of the road, but I am a pack rat when it comes old computers and servers.

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AHHH the collection....

by dlauer In reply to learning all I can, becom ...

I have to agree the collection is the way to go. I try to mimic the network at work, At home. (But on a smaller scale.) All my machines are less than 1ghz.

Quanity vs Quality

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You had best not tell my wife that

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to AHHH the collection....

I collect things like they are going out of fashion. The last job I did at an ISP involved replacing all their Blades so I picked up a couple of IBM Netfinities Dual P11's with 2 GIG of RAM and other than the CD Drive all Hot Swap SCSI.

One is running Nix and is the gateway with all sorts of security and monitoring tools on it.

Then I have 7 Pentium MMX 200's all with different Nix Versions on them 1 Quad 200 MMX M'Board with SUSE 10 on it as well as a heap of SCSI drives and all the bells & whistles. A couple of XP boxes with various configurations I use a Dual 1 GIG P3 for Recording it's only got 4 GIG of EEC RAM , then a Dual P3 550 on a Gigabyte GA6BXDU M'Board fully loaded with the biggest CPU's it will take 1 GIG of RAM again all it will take and 16 SCSI Drives allI can fit in the case in it so I have a bit of space to play with. Another unit on the same M'Board but with only 500 MHZ P3's for general recording music and the like but only 2 X 40 GIG IDE drives in it.

My NB has a 3.6 P4 with 1 GIG of RAM again all that the unit will take and an 80 GIG HDD with a built in Web Cam WiFi & Blue-tooth then there are 3 spare drives for it all mounted in USB Caddies and all with working OS's loaded I generally switch between Debian and XP Pro depending on the job but that's just a tool that doesn't see much use at home.

I'm currently building a Dual Xeon 3.2 Unit as a new workstation but so far I've only had the time to mount the M'Board CPU's Heat sinks & RAM so currently it a No Go!

For printers I have a range from an old Epson LQ100 Dot Matrix that I tend to use to cut stencils for an old Gestenta or however it's spelt then a LBP 1760 Canon Laser both are very old and both work perfectly. To print CD/DVD Faces I have a Canon i965 only a 6 Colour model and it is only used for Disk faces a Canon BJC6000 that was a general purpose Bubble Jet with separate Ink Tanks that are interchangeable with the 965 and a Samsung Colour Laser CLP-500 it's only corporate Colour and fairly new less than 2 years now which gets used quite a lot now as it has all the goodies built in. I only picked that one up as it was at such a great price from my main supplier after I did them a favour apparently it was supposed to come with a digital camera which they had misplaced and I got it really cheap with a spare set of Toners and waste Toner Container and the extra paper tray so I just couldn't say no even though I was going to wait for the 550 to become available so I could use the LAN connection instead of a USB connection to a computer.

I don't know which camp I would fall into as I work from Home or at least I take service calls at home and do a lot of On Site Work so my home is actually my work place. Well that my story & I'm sticking to it. :^0


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