Tell me about Tequila

By jdclyde ·
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And other than that it makes your clothes fall off, I need to learn more.

I am thinking this is the one Mae has recommended to me:

Also doing some reading here:

A few years back, TR was a big help in teaching me the way of Scotch. It is now time for me to learn the ways of Tequila.

My friends already cringe because I drink Jose neat.

What brands do you like, how do you like to drink it, and how much does it cost?

I WAS going to get a new bottle of Scotch for myself for Christmas, but I think a good bottle of Tequila is in order instead.

Does Tequila come with the legendary "worm" in it anymore? Has anyone ate the worm?

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Ah man..if only i could rememeber

by Shellbot In reply to Tell me about Tequila

only had the stuff a couple times.. not good results..
don't think i could drink it agian :)

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ha ha

by jdclyde In reply to Ah man..if only i could r ...

said in my best "Nelson" voice.... ;\

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Anyone notice the buzz is different?

by Forum Surfer In reply to Tell me about Tequila

If you drink JUST the blue agave tequila all night, you have a slightly different buzz. For me it seems to be somewhere between whiskey drunk and being high on weed...from what I'm told.

Or am I crazy?

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I don't think you're crazy

by maecuff In reply to Anyone notice the buzz is ...

Actually, it may explain why I drink only Tequila or Bourbon. :)

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Anyone know about this?

by jdclyde In reply to Anyone notice the buzz is ...
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Ah, more reading material

by jdclyde In reply to Normally Patron
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Never tasted it - I'll stick with THIS: ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Tell me about Tequila

My current favourite is:

The official website is listing it as ?26.99 but if I order it online from Tesco (supermarket) they deliver it to my door for ?18.38 per bottle.

I'd be interested to know what the American price for this stuff is, not an online price but the actual 'through your door, in yer hand' price.

Very palatable, perhaps too much in all honesty.

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I drink beer

by jdclyde In reply to Never tasted it - I'll st ...

because I like mixed drinks.....

Going to have to keep my eye out for this, and will let you know the price if I see it.

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