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Telnet to port 25

By Choppit ·
I'm experiencing difficulty connecting to my mail server by telnet on port 25. This problem only occurs if I connect from the LAN, in which case the connection is dropped instantly. If I connect from the internet to the firewall IP, the connection is successful. Server is Exchange 5.0(SP2) on NT4(SP6a). TCP Port 25 is forwarded from firewall/router. Any ideas?

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by CG IT In reply to Telnet to port 25

ya know what, first the question was, "hey, I can't telnet Exchange on the LAN. What could be the problem?"

It's now turned into "Hey, My Exchange 5.X is an open relay and I'm trying to use 3rd party proxy server [sophos mail monitor and antivirus programs] to prevent open relay and virses. After installin the 3rd party proxy server I can't telnet test locally". Whatever could be the problem?"

Now looking up sophos mail monitor and the web site, theres stuff for exchange 2000 and exchange 2003 but nothing on exchange 5.X. Since sophos is a proxy, Sophos is causing your problems on the LAN. Would have been nice of you to mention this in your intial question.

Good luck. I would suggest you contact Sophos or check on their boards.

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by CG IT In reply to

this is like playing 20 questions to narrow down the problem and pry out more information that originally should have been included. What a waste of time and effort.

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by Choppit In reply to

I'm sorry you feel that way. Yes you're correct, my goal is to get Sophos Mail Monitor to work but that was not the question I asked. Somewhere along the line you have assumed that I cannot receive mail via SMTP, despite my statements to the contrary. The problem is that MMSMTP is not communicating withthe IMC for SMTP. I have verified that there is indeed a problem hence the telnet question. My thinking is that once I can connect via telnet there should be no problem for MMSMTP(which incidentally is NOT Exchange specific and is also NOT the cause of the problem). I posted a question specifically about MMSMTP some time ago to which there were no replies, Sophos tech support have been unable to resolve this hence I look to knowledgable guys like yourselves for inspiration.

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by Choppit In reply to Telnet to port 25

Problem solved. I turned off reverse lookup for IMC in the registry and have implemented MMSMTP. (No more relaying). Seems there's more to SMTP than I realised. Thanks all for your participation.

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by Choppit In reply to Telnet to port 25

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