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temporary replacement a non productive manager

By Netpro2551 ·
I am about to take a temporary assignment (about a month) to see if I can resolve productivity problems with a small field support team (7 techs)in a very large company. I was offered the team lead's position, but am not interested in relocating. The current team lead is reportedly a major part of the problem. I imagine that I will be seen as the hated "Pro from Dover".

I have been very effective in the past at motivating small teams although not in this short a period and usually from a position as a peer rather than a consultant. I expect that I will be empowered to retain the current team lead or replace him at my discretion and yet I know that the reality may be a somewhat more lengthy process.

Does anyone have any experience in a similar situation?

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Not there yet

by Netpro2551 In reply to What did you decide to do ...

There is a fly in the works. I am being held locally by my current management. Suddenly there are critical projects on the horizon that I need to attend to before they will loan me out to the other region. Who know when and how they will work that out.

I will keep you up to date.

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Focus on the Work

by rlauver In reply to temporary replacement a n ...

In my humble opinion, nothing perpetuates an organizational problem like talking about it (a la org development, HR intervention and the like). Try to eliminate any discussion that doesn't focus on customers, products/services, or markets. In a reverse of the Human Resources axiom, it turns out that "productive people are happy people" -- not the opposite.

Also, most people want three things: competent leadership, meaningful work, fair treatment. Most any intervention can be distilled to one of these three and its amazing how effective these basics are in turning around a situation.

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Morale boost

by Pulte In reply to temporary replacement a n ...

I have lived your experience and it was not pleasant. Ask yourself or better yet ask senior management has he been properly trained to lead or to even managed. Companies today save cost in many ways and a battlefield promotion is one of them. Promote within, but lets not trained them! All because a person shows a lot of promise does not mean he/she does not need training. A company not willing to training its people are really not interested in its people (retention). What about you, do you expect to be successful turning things around. It could be the culture of the company as to why these people are not happy. Unless you are properly trained you are not a very effective person and that goes for almost anything one does today!

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