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Ten words or less: "I don't use Linux because..."

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
In ten words or less, complete the following sentence: "I don't use Linux because..."

I'll start with "...I'm required to use Windows for work."

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Well worth looking into

by jbush In reply to Okay, I'm always willing ...

As I'm sure you've gathered, these live CDs allow you to boot into a fully functional modern operating system without necessarily impacting on the machine and no installation.

As a support person, I expect you can see the worth in that.

Got a machine that's been the breeding ground for virii and you don't want to boot it up for fear of propagation causing futher damage and you don't want to throw the drive into another machine?
You can run linux anti virus programs like ClamAV or BitDefender to iron out Windows targetting infections.

As Apotheon has stated elswhere, any linux administration/usage skills you pick up are easily transferrable across the entire linux family, not to mention make you a bit more comfortable working with Unix or Mac OS X (as someone who uses Windows, Mac OS and Fedora at least once a day, I think I can vouch for that).

At the end of the day, a wider range of skills or the ability to comprehend a wider range of skills is a good thing.

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Saviour in a tight spot

by Mad-H In reply to Okay, I'm always willing ...

Recover "corrupt" office docs - we had a manager who can to us with a corrput excel s/sheet, and all the vers I tried (97, 2000, 2003) bombed when opening it. Enter knoppix - boot from the CD, use open office to open it, dump to PDF, ftp over to network server (or put on a USB stick). Great if your company's software policy won't allow you to install openoffice on your PC as it's a non-intrusive (disk-writing wise) process

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Knoppix to the rescue...

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Okay, I'm always willing ...

On three separate occasions I have helped people rescue files with Knoppix. In all three cases, Drive were experiencing imminent failure. Windows was reporting the drive as unformatted. I booted a Knoppix CD, it happily mounted the windows drive, and from tehre I was able to copy most/all of the data to a new drive.

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A use for the paranoid...

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Okay, I'm always willing ...

I also find Knoppix handy when I have to do web research. Call it paranoia, but I am never entirely confident that Antivirus/Spyware will catch all the little bits of undesireable code, cookies, etc (malicious or otherwise) that those various sites might wish to push out to me. As such, I do nearly all my web browsing from a Knoppix CD. My pristine system is a mere reboot away...

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recover data off a windows partition (nt)

by arleenw In reply to Okay, I'm always willing ...
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by stargazerr In reply to Star which Ubuntu Distro ...

5.10 or the stupid name Breezy Badger.

I booted from the Live CD but opening up applications is mega slow, so I had to revert back to Windows

How about if I put out an advert to donate computer parts to the needy? Do you reckon that will speed up the time untill I acquire a computer?


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Unfortantly it will be slow

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to yep

Running off a CD s the CD is slow by its very nature as CD's are slow to load. But the Live Nix's are desicned to run this way so you can get in a rescue data or bypass Passwords and the like.

That's what I always use them for as I find that things are too slow running off the CD but they do at the very least give you an idea of what's possible.

How about taking a proposal to managment asking for one of the units about to be decommissioned as a test bed for alternative OS's? You could even maybe push the idea that you would willing be a Beta Tester for Vista when it hits the streets to drive us all crazy.

That way as the computer isn't actually leaving the companies control they wouldn't have to go through all the trouble of replacing the HDD to keep their Security Processes intact.

Or you could attend one of the many Excorporate Auctions and pick up a unit very cheaply over here there are many companies who specalise in selling off Ex Corporate/Government computers and most of the tiume they break them up and sell as bits that way they get more for the bits than the complete computer. But to keep people walking through the doors they always have a smal range of complete Computers are reasonable prices. Or you could even hit E-Bay for an old dicommissioned server those things are practially Give Away items just try to avoid the SCSI only units as they are harder to load any form of Nix to in a lot of cases.


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Beta Tester for Vista ?

by stargazerr In reply to yep

Willingly ?

I think I am happier on my work laptop dreaming of a day I will get my own box.

Actually, it isnt very far now. Just 2 more months and I will be able to use the money I earn to do what I want. But buying something my company doesnt want is a good idea. Now, where the **** has my boss dissapeared to ?

Jaqui suggested buying something in Canada and that he can ship it, since I can be exempted from duties and taxes if stuff is sent from a private person to a private person. I still have to test that theory though.


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Couple of things to watch out for

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to yep

Shipping costs can be very high and more importantly the Voltage of the mains from the country that the unit is originating from can be a potential problem. Back when I fixed Sewing Machines I used to get a lot of calls from the States asking me exactly what needed changing to meet AU Electrical Safety requirments. In one case they changed everything except the light buld and sent it over and when it was tested the 110 V Buld exploded making the chassis live so the machine was returned to the originating point as Unsafe. That was an expensive mistake. :^0

But if freight isn't an issue I can send you one from here and if it's just the tower for a desktop it wouldn't take up much space and the wife would be as happy as Larry to see one go. The monitor wouldn't be such a good ides to ship as they are less than gentle and a Keyboard & Mouse are As Cheap As Chips as I understand the Poms say.

I can pickup a Second Hand NB for about $480.00 AU and that is one of the decent ones not one of the old junkers that are floating around so much. Hell I could even build you a really good NB for about 2K AU which would be about 1 Pound 50 Pence if my last visit to the UK is anything to go by. Luckly the company was paying for everything otherwise I couldn't have afforded to eat let alone live or have the odd drink or 10.

If memory serves me correctly the UK is on 240 V AC at 50 HZ and any hardware sold here would work perfectly there with the added advantage that we have tighter electrical laws so it would be better electrically than what you are currently getting there.

Lets know if you'r interested but it all depends on the UK Import Laws. It's been a very long time since I've had anything to do with them so I'm not sure how things stand at the moment.


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There never was a Ubuntu 5.1

by Colonel Panijk In reply to Star which Ubuntu Distro ...

You're referring to 5.10. Ubuntu distributions come out twice a year, in April (xx.4) and October (xx.10), where the year-2000 is the version number. That said, there was supposed to be 6.4 last month, but I haven't seen it (may have been delayed). The Ubuntu site ( lists 5.10 as the latest downloadable version. By the way, I have found Ubuntu to be a very nice, easy to use and easy to install distribution.

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