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Ten words or less: "I really wish Microsoft would..."

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
In ten words or less, complete the following sentence: "I really wish Microsoft would..."

I'll start with " a super-lean version of Vista for old PCs."

Just once, I'd like to see a Windows release aimed at the existing install base, rather than designed to force an upgrade to bigger and better hardware. Either that, or they should just buy Intel and quit posturing like the two companies *aren't* colluding to keep the compulsory upgrade cycle going.

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Make an OS that does what it supposed to do

by jmgarvin In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

a) Allocate recources EFFECIENTLY
b) Use APIs properly
c) Non-interated apps
d) Security security security!
e) Remove the need for pointless gee wiz features if the user doesn't want them!

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hire me

by jkaras In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

So I too can make big money.

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I really wish MS would...

by secretgeekygirl In reply to hire me

... make replacement CD's available at NO CHARGE once you've purchased original software.

(Yup - lost an install CD, and had to buy a whole new MS Office after a major crash. MS would not issue replacement CD's to me, despite knowing the regis/serial numbers. Ugh...

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wouldn't you want to retain your credability?

by Neon Samurai In reply to hire me

I can't imagine going to school reuinions and admitting that I now work for MS only to see old friends back away like I was carrying plague.

Besides, developers don't earn much at MS; you'd have to backstab your way up the corporate ladder into executive or board of director levels.

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Built in Driver support

by netadmin1 In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

Build in driver support for existing products of the previous 5 years. Even if they work with vendors to produce workable drives it is the responsible thing to do.

Why should a machine and cards that work fine with Win Server 2003 choke under W2003 R2, let alone Vista and longhorn?

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Stop making life so difficult

by Neil Higgins In reply to Built in Driver support

for people like me,who are constantly asked,what version of Vista will suit my companies needs?
Surelly,there should just be,Vista Server,Vista Desktop,and Vista Gold,for all over-five-year systems out there.All should be dual 32,and 64 bit compatabile.

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RE: stop making life so difficult..

by sir_cheats_alot In reply to Stop making life so diffi ...

well if MS stopped making our lives difficult there would be no need for us tech support/PC repair people

I would submit a seperate replay to the original thread but anything i had to say was already said by others.

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wouldn't that be awsome though; a service industry instead of support

by Neon Samurai In reply to RE: stop making life so d ...

The difference is subtle but imagine a competition driven computer service industry instead of a support industry thriving off the bad programming of the market leader.

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apps currently running

by davideyoungmd In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

I really wish Microsoft would.... make an OS where one could easily find out, and any given time, what apps are currently running (or loaded on start up), how to get those apps that are not necessary to quit running and how to know which apps are important and which are not.

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But what about MS IM?

by jmgarvin In reply to apps currently running

What about that...huh...if we could find it and kill it...then it couldn't eat resources anymore and THEN where would we be...

I'll tell ya...In a bad world my friend...A world where I can actually get rid of MS IM is a world I don't want to live in...

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