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Ten words or less: "I really wish Microsoft would..."

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
In ten words or less, complete the following sentence: "I really wish Microsoft would..."

I'll start with " a super-lean version of Vista for old PCs."

Just once, I'd like to see a Windows release aimed at the existing install base, rather than designed to force an upgrade to bigger and better hardware. Either that, or they should just buy Intel and quit posturing like the two companies *aren't* colluding to keep the compulsory upgrade cycle going.

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Nice to know

by nentech In reply to (Chuckle) Yes, I did alre ...

You didnt waste money on a second pc
just for windows
I feel sorry for the people who do

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a VM is even better

by Neon Samurai In reply to You may all ready know th ...

Games and the few things that can't get hardware access through the VM get run under native Windows boot.

Anything else that needs the win32 libraries get's run under a Virtual Machine.

The other 95% of what I do with a computer "just works" under the real OS I'm primarily booted into.

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Open up their file/disk formats and APIs

by mdhealy In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

I think the number one condition for dropping the old antitrust lawsuit should have been a firm committment that from a date certain, the entire software community would know the totality of what the Office and Windows Development Teams know about (1) the Windows API, (2) Office file formats, and (3) NTFS metadata formats. I've used Linux for many years, and Open Office is pretty good -- but it cannot open absolutely every Office file, and Linux cannot with absolute safety write to NTFS partitions, because in both cases developers must reverse-engineer Redmond's secret formats.

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"... release an OS that forces people to consider their options."

by GoodOh In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

Behold, my wish was granted.

Vista has driven more people to consider Linux, OS X and the rest, than anything else I have seen so far.

What were they thinking?

Most people will, of course, stick with MS but don't start the punters thinking or you never know what they might do.

The next OS had better not do the same or the trickle might become a stream.

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Stop telling Congress there is a shortage of skilled IT labor

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

in the USA to justify your wanting to flood the IT market with cheap H1-B labor. Yes Billy, you are selling out the same country that made you the man you are today.

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But but...there are no skilled US workers

by jmgarvin In reply to Stop telling Congress the ...

At least that are willing to work for peanuts.

You thought I was serious, didn't you :-)

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Will work for food...just not peanuts....LOL

by Big Ole Jack In reply to But but...there are no sk ...

Throw in a couple of 48oz porterhouse steaks, baked potatoes, and Dom Perignon wine and maybe I'll think about it.

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Give MS certified pros the time to learn the product

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Ten words or less: "I rea ...

instead of expiring the certification exams too soon and forcing corporations to upgrade every time you have an itch to flood the market with a so called "New and improved version of Windows". I'm in favor of change, but for crying out loud, slow the **** down and let people get accustomed to the current version before pulling the plug on it.

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I think my suggestion to choose a friggin' kernel would address that:

by Absolutely In reply to Give MS certified pros th ...

You're right. MS Certs have the shelf life of brown bananas, man. It's ridiculous. If they had a solid, functional core technology (other than the i386 architecture on whose coattails they ride!) the techs who specialize in Microsoft would have a plausible path to learn the technology in their current job descriptions, then learn a bit more and get ahead in their careers.

Just a thought ...

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The entire certification program is nothing more than revenue generation

by Big Ole Jack In reply to I think my suggestion to ...

MS doesn't want anyone to learn their products...period! And just when one spends an arm and a leg achieving certification, MS expires the product and requires recertification for a new toy they throw into the market (read Vista and Longhorn). Companies are feeding this stupidity by demanding that job applicants have <fill in the blank> years of experience for a new product that has only been publicly available for a few months. Who in the **** are they trying to hire...Bill Gates himself? Jeeez!

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