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<p>testing again .. this is a test of the emergency broadcast system... if this had been a real message, something intelligent would have been posted here.</p><p /><p>Sorry guys, didn't mean to leave gibberish</p>

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Slow on the uptake Davette

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Whoa. Everybody...

Hardly something new did you just see it?


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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Slow on the uptake Davett ...

I did just see it. I've been busy with end of semester chores, HAL. And playing in the Friday Night Music thread. Dang but that's fun and I get to hear things I wouldn't otherwise hear, and things I haven't heard in what seems sometimes like forever.

At least something is still working in your circuits, in spite of all your murderous intent.

edit: just because I can!

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Davette Ask Beth about the upgrade

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Yup...

Apparently the Scummy Chip only works as well as a M$ product so it's use has been discontinued.

I understand that the American Justice Department is after the Lord of Scum to indite him for selling substandard equipment knowingly and unlike M$ this guy can be put down by the system.


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That was first thing I checked Boxie

by jdclyde In reply to Whoa. Everybody...

After seeing the logo, I went to the profile to check for other posts (like you obviously JUST got around to doing) and saw that.

It is my theory that was the first test that went unconfirmed, and THIS "discussion" was the second test, which was a confirmed kill. B-)

Still have no idea just what she was testing for.... :0 Maybe she didn't BELIEVE "The Beth" when told how we react to posts like this?

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While I may be wrong

by The Scummy One In reply to That was first thing I ch ...

I doubt this is the new Sheriff.
Look at the profile, nothing filled out, AND does not accept peer mail. Wouldnt the new sheriff want the peer mail on?

Anyway, if I am wrong (again) then I may get locked out or warned :0

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Now be nice Scummy One

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to While I may be wrong

After all the New Sheriff doesn't want to be overrun by the Gutter Crowd before she has a chance to find out what's going on does she? :0

Throwing them in at the deep end with half ton Lead weights to see if they sink or swim wouldn't be very nice would it now?

Col ]:)

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But, But, it's our job

by The Scummy One In reply to Now be nice Scummy One

to feed on the newbies

We need to 'break her in' quickly so that she will know who the 'real' boss is

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Actually Col

by jdclyde In reply to Now be nice Scummy One

I picture it more as running through the lions pen while wearing a "meat" suit... ]:)

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This "discussion" didn't get the axe like others are getting?

by jdclyde In reply to test

Do I detect favoritism?

After all, if the nascar abomination got nailed, is this one really that different? B-)

God, I am bored....

waiting for three different tech supports to call me back, for three different issues, so can't get in the middle of anything.... ;\

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to This "discussion" didn't ...

The NASCAR abomination (Hey, I resent that remark!) was based on a gibberish original post. Somebody hit the Magic Button on it and that's why it was killed.

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